December 27th, 2019 23:59

Change from Loomio (ending free version)

cstewart000 Public Seen by 127

Loomio is ending the free option of their service. Costs to continue would be $1/month/member. We currently have 50 people in our loomio decision group. This is likely well outside our budget for the use we get.

Please provide suggestions on alternative decision making tools.

Jonathon Shields

Jonathon Shields December 28th, 2019 01:12

We could apply as volunteer group, doesn't look like you need any special paperwork. This brings the price to $1/year/member which is much more affordable. In saying that though, this new layout is a terrible experience on mobile devices (edit : actually might just be Firefox, chrome seems fine), maybe we should look at other options.

Sarah Tanfield

Sarah Tanfield December 28th, 2019 04:16

Are all of the people on the Loomio active members?

Karsten Sperling

Karsten Sperling December 28th, 2019 09:38

Couldn't we get more or less the same functionality with a dedicated #proposals slack channel? One thread per proposal, vote via 👍👎? I guess it would lack some of the polish like freezing polls when they are over.


cstewart000 December 28th, 2019 17:27

No, but I imagine that we would have to set up the payment and cover everyone (who participates even once).


cstewart000 December 28th, 2019 17:28

See below my point to Sarah. There maybe ~50 people registered to hackland on Loomio but only maybe 20 participating.


cstewart000 December 28th, 2019 17:34

I am not against this. - Maybe I will do a trial on slack check in at #decisions

Sarah Tanfield

Sarah Tanfield December 28th, 2019 22:13

I like this idea

Jonathon Shields

Jonathon Shields December 28th, 2019 22:15

No, not active. But it would be nice to have something that would support all of our members should they choose to weigh in on a subject.


cstewart000 started a proposal January 2nd, 2020 06:30

Let's ditch loomio and use slack for voting and making decisions! Closed 7:02pm - Sunday 5 Jan 2020

Vote to confirm that we are happy to switch to using slack as our decision making tool.

Go to the #decisions channel on Slack if you want to try out the poll tool.

Important notes/benefits:

  • Keeps all hackland items inside Slack

  • Its possible to close a poll. ie: to record the outcome of decisions with slack /poll

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Abstain - 0
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January 4th, 2020 07:33


Simon January 6th, 2020 20:14

If slack is used for decision making, how long do the decisions need to be stored for? Do they need to be stored? If so, we have the free version of slack and these decisions will be lost over time. Slack by itself would be pretty awful for voting, since it's a messaging tool, However, I do see that slack has a few voting/polling apps.