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Establishing an a-political party that advocates solely for Proportional Representation

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Hi there,

So I have been playing with ways in which we might actually realise the revolution and what is needed (which I am sure you agree with) is proportional representation. That is absolutely essential. However, labour and conservative will never support this as they benefit massively from the system of FIrst Past the Post. What are your thoughts on:

The creation of a political party with the sole purpose of introducing proportional representation. Once achieved, the party would immediately disband and a new general election would be called under a proportional system. Furthermore, the party could remove arbritrary democracy inhibiting rules such as costs to register, the main 5% rule and so forth (although these extra rules might be more difficult to convince people of).

This strategy would be far easier to garner support for rather than advocating for specific policy as essentially the party is advocating for an enhancement of democracy (which everyone agrees with).

The next question would be how would the party attract supporters? Here I ask you to read this very long but also interesting and inspiring article regarding the creation of 'the five star movement' (an Italian digital political party) : https://www.wired.com/story/italy-five-star-movement-techno-utopians/

I am struck by the obvious simplicity of utilising influencers to provide the catalyst needed to get the movement started. I am certainly no influencer with zero public presence but I believe that if we could get enough influencers with large enough followings to unite around this idea then that would be sufficient to get the ball rolling.

What do we think?


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C.A.Scott Wed 25 Aug

Hello - Totally agree - I am a member of Lib Dems who have been Long Term proponents of a PR system -you are correct Labour -Tory Leaders do not want to join and support - The need many feel is to form a sort of "single use party" my own vtew is "Government of National Unity Party" this would have a Fixed Agenda/manifesto - to incude PR - Written Constitution - scrap the Monarch in Politics as it has caused the Elite v the rest for Decades - PR for 6 English Assemblies to join with NI -Wales & Scotland = to link with a Council of Britain (copy of EU) where the Council Members are drawn from the 9 Assemblies

All parties with a 1000 ??? members to get Govt/Taxpayer funding -- Zero Lobbying of parties - all Lobbying to the Assemblies - all other lobbying - payments to politcians and Civil Servants a Crime

Priority Number One - to Have the Justice systems hold those Brexit Vote Leave persons to account for Breaking the Law and Cover-up in Parliament - Met Police and CPS-- this may well include many MPs - most certainly the Official Opposition should be charged with Aid and Abet the 2016 Vote Leave Brexit Referendum Crime - has not been closed down still ongoing - File of evidence covering Outstanding Serious Offences = buried by Met police and CPS -- This means that Met Police and CPS have also broken the Law as they have a Duty laid down in Statute - not complied

There is already a Group advocating for PR - yes I am a member but - it is not going to happen until the present mayhem is sorted and there is a Political system for all and not able to be bought/blackmailed by Foreign Actors


John Bunzl Thu 26 Aug

I think it depends on what you expect PR to actually achieve. There's no doubt it would be fairer and much more democratic and that is valuable in itself. But if you expect it to allow politics to solve things like climate change and other global problems, you'll be disappointed.

In today's globalised world, it no longer matters that much which party or coalition is in power because all governments have no choice but to keep their national economies "internationally competitive". That means, relatively attractive to inward investors, corporations, the rich, the ratings agencies, etc. Any government that fails to do that and tries to support the poor and the environment, perhaps by raising taxes on business and the rich, or by robustly tightening environmental regulations would only make its economy LESS competitive - LESS attractive - and that would cause investment to dry up, business to go elsewhere, unemployment to rise and the next election to be lost. My point is: under globalisation, we effectively live in a market dictatorship in which the party we elect and the process used to elect them no longer matters much.

So do not think that PR will change that. It won't because it can't.

That's why a new global level of political action is now needed.


Ashvajit Dharmachari Sat 28 Aug

The inability to present an unassailable or unchallengeable case for electoral-cum-democratic reform is a major barrier to effective action. It is important to remember that democracy is an ideal towards which humanity is headed - an ideal of equality, the heaven-kissing summits of which we are oh-so-slowly moving towards. This democratic ideal has nothing whatsoever to do with day-to-day party politics, which is all too often diametrically opposed to it.

What is needed is a revolution in the heart of every individual - a revulsion against party politics of any kind, and a yearning for a transcendent socialistic ideal which has faith in the possibility of unlimited human co-operation for the good of all, for the benefit of all, the welfare of all. It is an ideal to be attained non-violently, by means of consensus arrived at by truthful communication, by means of honesty, by means of loving communication, vehement if necessary, but always with respect on both - or all - sides.


Mofwoofoo Sun 29 Aug

Please consider thinking a bit further out of the box. All governments need to be restructured from vertical top down, which corrupts easily and inevitably, to horizontal bottom-up which excludes the need for politicians, lobbyists, and political parties in one fell swoop and hence leave little room for corruption of any kind. This is a 7 minute animation I finished in April, 2020 explaining it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wywMhg604W8&t=5s