Sun 29 Mar

What could the story be? What are the first steps available to us?

Joe Milton Public Seen by 158

We're talking about a new system that makes the old obsolete. What could the story be? What are the first steps available to us?


Different types of hierarchical assumptions are embedded in the structure of a culture that self justifies by assuming its necessity. But it's inherently oppressive and is founded on an illegitimate system of values of axiomatic self-entitlement. We are told slavery has ended and forms of oppression belong to a by-gone era. But hierarchical oppressions still persist globally and inter-generationally under the false rationale that said oppressions are somehow necessary. The price we pay for things in the shops or the profits we obtain from companies, do not pay sufficient reward to the laborer in the poorest countries. The system is unfeeling and over-rationalized and reductionist; it believes in its own self-justifying necessity; it fears being replaced.

The holistic nature of sociality ensures that the hierarchical structures continue to be self-empowered and perpetuate untruths of individualism, fear, and reductionism as being necessities.

To make progress we need to recognize the myth that is embedded in the very identities that we are hard-pressed to give up. To overcome the oppressive hierarchies would be to end something we feel entitled to. We, therefore, want to begin with steps towards creating the feeling of new entitlements that recognize our authentic being in the community; and don't tell the story of threatening capitalist culture which is the 'way of life' for many. If you threaten the system it pushes back and creates divides and counter-rhetoric.

The story could instead concern creating a new flourishing a vibrant culture. This includes a culture of feeling, sharing, listening, discussion, new perspectives, meeting diverse stories, across multiple communities at different scales. It need not be about getting power because that will happen when people within the communities and cultures have learned to trust each other in dialogue and then decide to take back control.

It is first about taking the steps available to support the emergence of this vibrant culture of engaging everyone with everyone else - a diversity of voices - the facilitation of listening, hanging out with others, sharing and learning in all those spaces in which a culture of discussion and mutual recognition can begin to take hold.



Bob Bollen Sun 29 Mar

I agree with all of that Joe. Thank you. Bob


David Williams Mon 30 Mar

I'm with you 100%, Joe - thanks for sharing. I know that I have changed during the last 18 months and it's entirely due to being involved with an inclusive and loving organisation. If only the opportunity to change one's attitude could be given to others - we'd see a greater number supporting our demands for equality and sustainability. If only...

But we're here - and we're doing something, which is good, I guess.

Hwyl - David.


C.A.Scott Tue 31 Mar

Hello, Yes you are correct, but I would suggest you are not the first to arrive at this understanding.

The Labour party was formed based of these principles, likewise the Liberal Party and then the Liberal and Democratic Socialists.

There are only two ways to change the Political system, that is insurrection and join the Politics as they are now, with the intention of change.

Now you can add the Scottish Nationalist Party and then we come to your biggest problem, the Tory Party is a major hidden/not so hidden machine and if you take Alex Salmond issue you can see that the Tory UK Govt - MI 5 involved - Top Civil Servants females involved in a concentrated attack on Salmond to put him in Jail. There are even Top People in the SNP involved against Salmond... Do you think they were infiltrators from way back... were they bought out .. Kompromat... one thing for sure at this point in time there is a major split in what was a major force for good of the Scots .. orchestrated when the Scots were showing the way to those in the English population, the majority by the way, who did not vote to Leave the EU.

Then of course you have to be fully aware, that the Murdoch press leading the Tory Press will turn everything you stand for upside down. It is of course necessary to understand that the present Tory establishment is controlled by Putin along with GOP in USA and Aus or it would be best to see that as the Billionaire autocrats joining up as the Superior Force for Good. Their Good

At the number one cause is Oil & Gas and Putins Petro Dollar economy and that is why those same countries above all did the same thing to keep the economy going to get their finances ready for the "Shut down".

Those same people involved in Alex Salmond are the same people and they just do not care that more people will die as a result of their actions. They have the MSM Murdoch TV BBC TV all under their control.

2012 Pandemic War game again 2016 Pandemic War Game, buried, ignored or even in the HoC we cannot afford those actions etc Now we have Drs and Nurses at risk because the Tory Govt decided against getting organised and planning and training people and informing the public.

Either a an entire Govt = Misconduct in Public Office or we return to the underlying theme that these people are the "Smiling Assasins" . Now I come to one of your themes, keep the people scared and under control, divide and conquer.

Did any on here notice that the Leader of the Largest Socialist Party and half the Leadership were sat on the Tory Front Bench for 4 years of Brexit. Spouting Socialist policies whilst supporting and voting for Tory Right wing Brexit.

Supporting a Right wing policy, to Remove Rights gained by Trades Unions and by Joining the EU, Social mobility will go when good jobs disappear and hard working people lose their homes and houses. Going to University and better education gone. Yes that was/is the Corbyn Labour Leadership.. was he part of a longer term plan ?? ... Two Russian guys worked out a plan for Putin back in 1996 (I think) and what they came up with in the book they wrote is now in play.

He has bought or got Kompromat on leading Politicians clearly in UK and USA and that is both the Tory and Labour MPs and Peers. (Not my words, a ex security service high up on LBC Mr James Obrien) and much of the establishment Lawyers, estate agents etc)

It is more than possible that Jeffrey Epstein was Putin arranged, it seems his black book includes all these people and more on both sides of the Atlantic. Even entangled the Royal Family, Now did Liar Johnson, Rees Moggs, and cabal use this against the Queen to keep her on side.

Add to this that Epsteins girlfriend Pimp was G Maxwell most certainly links to Israel security and dirty war people Where is she and where are the known video recordings of thousands of top people who attended his lavish parties.

The easiest way to topple any empire / building is to undermine the foundations and in this case that is to end the Fossil Fuel Era. I say easiest not easy. Hydrogen is the answer and the people are at a stage where there is the will to have one "view" and difficult to divide them on Climate Change = Global Warming. Really Climate Disaster but the Oil Companies managed to make it sound better.

It is as if Covid 19 was planned, the chaos is just what Brexit would be and the Tories can easy deflect from the cause being their Superior Beings (Rees Moggs .. Fathers Book .. Editor of Daily Mail some years back )

In 2015 I arrived at a Hydrogen engine concept which if it works will topple Oil & Gas. It took me 4 years to realise that the people in R&D had a hidden agenda, "We want clean energy we want to decarb" and yet any thing which looked like being a success stifled and blocked from funding whilst £12 mill py spent on Low carbon projects.

MAL = Aluminium Air Batteries, No Govt support £400 mill to Li ion Batteries whilst AA = twice the range and shorter charge with greater cycles, already prototype stage when Dyson paid £3 billion for solid state batteries which were a flop.

So not just me being stifled, is there any more, Yes there is because, a guy from Derby has just come out of the blue and has ended up joining De Hypuljet.uG Berlin based.

His innovation can cut fuel use by 50% , he has over the years managed to get some funding to proof of concept but no Auto makers want to even discuss taking it further.

Hypuljet Ezi H2 3pAC = 3 elements = Low Voltage Hydrogen produced on board the EV a Turbine generator and from Derby 50% fuel usage ensures that the "Integrated Hydrogen Power Unit" will bring about Affordable Zero emissions EVs of all shapes, types and sizes as well as Zero Emissions Off Grid House. = Energy Independence for the Consumer where the consumers owns or leases the energy generator be it his/her car or a static in the house/garage.

Two elements already working need €500,000 for initial modelling at Berlin Technical University of the H2 Turbine and then say €10 million to Prototype all three units as one to Proof of Concept.

I/We are planning a Crowd Fund Bid on SEEDRs if there are enough XR who want to invest a few £€ then they can have first call on the initial €500,000 bid and take control before the bigger more savvy investors get a chance.

To be clear, at 73 yoa I was Clean energy before most of XR were born, but not in the same way my partner in Derby is likewise been here for years, whilst our Partner in New York has a different view on Global Warming and the acidification of the Oceans but does see Decarbonisation as most important.

OK all of you reading this, the challenge is "Do you want to kick start the Hydrogen Economy?"

Al Scott

Lead Innovator HyPulJet and now a Founder of De. Hypuljet. uG


John Bunzl Wed 1 Apr

Leaving the hydrogen economy to one side, insurrection and conventional party politics are not the only ways to effect political change.

Yes, it's true that national party politics has become redundant, especially in terms of its inability to deal with global problems like climate change. But that only means we need a global level of political action capable of turning national party politics to its advantage.

No, that doesn't mean a global political party. After all, getting elected is a waste of time. No, it's much cleverer and more effective than that. In fact, it has already caused 100 MPs in the UK who come from all the main political parties, and a growing number of MPs in the EU, Germany, Ireland, Australia and elsewhere, to support its global problem-solving agenda. Some key figures within XR are, I'm told, taking a keen interest in it too as a complementary strategy to go alongside civil disobedience.

You might want to take a look: https://www.simpol.org (global site). https://uk.simpol.org (uk site).