It's Mental Health Week!

Rochelle Public Seen by 106

This year, the theme for WA is Strengthening our Community- Live, Learn, Work, Play with an aim to increase mental well-being in communities.

In order to be productive in our personal and professional lives, we must have the mental, physical and emotional energy to do so, we can't do this effectively with 'an empty cup'. Replenishing our cups on a daily basis is vital to good health well-being, and having the capacity to give back to our communities. This is one of the 'top tips' from the Mental Health Commission: Do something you enjoy each day

Try and do things that make you feel physically and emotionally comfortable, engaging in activities that make you feel safe and calm.

Click on the link below from Mental Health Australia to see all ten tips to stay mentally healthy.

Nine more tips from Mental Health Australia

Stay well.