Design Intent (Loomio Vs. Discourse)

JG Jacob Gadikian Public Seen by 24

Hi guys! I'm sure that everyone here is aware of the Discourse project for web forums. My questions are:

Do Loomio.org people see loomio as a complement to or a replacement for Discourse & forums?

Should Loomio evolve into a platform that helps these organizations perform all of their functions?


Alanna Irving Wed 24 Dec 2014

We love Discourse! I know many people working on Loomio admire their design. Loomio will always be focused on decision making, and discussion formats that support that. I know we have a long way to go with our commenting system before it really nails it, though. I see Loomio and Discourse as complementary tools, since their focus is on open ended discussion, and ours is on bringing things to an actionable outcome.