Sun 16 Oct 2016

Who are we? Re: muxive solution

Joe Public Seen by 360

The muxive case I would like to propose for you all to better understand the potential of the muxive tool/platform is this...

Who is d@w? Or better stated, who are we relative to other groups?

Imagine a world where every citizen carries a sign high up on a stick. On this sign are your top 5 ID muxits that more clearly speak to the whole world about who you are within your mind. (More on what exactly muxits are soon.)

Actually it's your governance avatar that carries your sign in a virtual parallel Lease Economy (LE) world.

Your sign is what others look at to 'see' who you really are.

Whenever you step into a space with other citizens, the grouping automatically generates a group sign. Each member has perfect equal power within the group re generating this group sign. This one group sign is the mux of all the members' signs standing within the group.

So now within this parallel world anyone can search for either: 1) person or: 2) group using a search tool that focuses only using citizen ID muxits.

Your sign can actually have an unlimited number of muxits, but for simplicity we limit "quick look" in our UI/UX to the top 5.

So now to what a muxit is so you can start considering what you might place on your sign.

Start by imagining a muxit as a short text string - either a word or phrase. Each is a clear distinctive concept that is readily interpretable and translatable - across both culture and belief. With this who we are ID case the muxits should not reveal the side of the issue you stand on. Instead each should only reveal that the issue/concept with its full continuum of stance positions included but hidden. E.g. instead of I'm pro life or pro choice the muxit might be just "abortion issue" or abortion.

Some examples of muxits you might place on your ID sign are:

  • happiness
  • equality
  • god (or spirituality or religion)
  • money
  • family
  • friendship
  • politics
  • spirituality
  • purpose

You get the idea.

So if we (d@w) participants were each to do this for ourselves, what muxits would list and even more importantly, how would you rank order them all?

Then what would the d@w sign look like?

What happens in practice is as time marches forward and we see the results we end up changing our own signs - partly because of others lists but more so because of awareness in the moment of a muxit you did not initially think about.

Now there's a whole issue of duplication and representation a best practice tool must be concerned with. Muxive does not want duplicates, but at the same time we want you to be happy with that particular muxit in your UX list. (Just think about working as a group with different citizens that use different languages as one challenge, let alone you use USA, I use United States, someone else likes US, they want America, etc.

But muxit has all this figured out too. But more about morphs later.

The simplest way to demo this ID case is if we all just use the same exact muxits within our lists.

I have a really crude prototype of what I describe above coded via a web-based tool. So we can actually play around with this if you want to see it in action. (I suck at UI/UX and am a self-taught coder with very limited coding skills, but I have something that works - if you do not stray too far from the basics.)

Happy to share the link.

A second case we could play with can be a far more specific to the d@w work and mission. What would our one list look like when focused on this sort of case and list? What will these muxits emerge as?

(FYI - I have an expert UI/UX designer partner now. Just have no working prototype at this time with his expert design. We are looking for more help too.)

Hope this helps you better understand how muxive works and especially how communicating and collaborating with a tool/platform like this might help bring about a first step toward improving our world.


David Brinovec Sun 16 Oct 2016

Can you provide an example of what muxits you would place on your sign?


Joe Sun 16 Oct 2016

@davidian1024 I'll take a stab at it, but I too most likely would/will keep changing my own sign as I become aware of other possibilities from other active participants. Muxits in of themselves when put into the context of the particular case (case is what we call the particular list objective) have extra meaning when packaged together and when each must be rank ordered against all others.

So here's a first go at it in this moment:

  1. purpose (of everything in universe)
  2. truth (discovery & creation)
  3. sustainability (long-term of humanity balanced w/ planet and beyond)
  4. resource continuity (across indefinite future generations)
  5. creativity (limitless fuel of Lease Economy)
  6. happiness maximization (primary reward)
  7. freedom (of choice, of belief, of action)
  8. fearlessness (world w/ minimal fear)
  9. help others (present & future)
  10. waste reduction (conservation of resources)

Every muxit has a clarification page where anyone can go to better understand the intent of the muxit. The stuff in () is an example of what might be found there.

Muxive allows you to create any morph for any muxit, so you can see the same basic concept in your UX the way you prefer to see it represented.