Mon 13 Jul 2020

Reflections on Understanding Ourselves and Understanding Others

Aneira Public Seen by 126

This is a space to reflect on the session from Trust the People's Personal Processing module, Understanding Ourselves and Understanding Others.


Aneira Mon 13 Jul 2020

Welcome everyone! Thank you so much for joining the session!

If you would like to share any reflections that you have, then we would love to hear from you.

Here is the Personal Processing overview. Please check out the other resources available :)

Really excited to be on this journey with you 馃檪


Paul Thistlethwaite Mon 13 Jul 2020

Love this short video on the backfire effect which was covered in the workshop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S74C-XF9kYY&t=3s


Andy Wistreich Tue 14 Jul 2020

Thanks to everyone who put this training together, and who contributed to the underlying thinking. I was very pleased by the session yesterday. The TED talk really got things going and the breakouts after that, worked so well. The themes of personal identity and single stories left me with much to reflect on. It was great to have four breakouts. I appreciated the brave people who shared in the whole group, quite personal stuff. The session was well facilitated. It's encouraging to see so many people ready to take on this challenging work. In short, thank you!