Wed 8 Oct 2014

Feedback requested: new mockups for the mobile/phone view

Alanna Irving Public Seen by 205

We’ve been hard at work designing the all-new look and feel for Loomio 1.0, with improved navigation and functionality. We would really appreciate some feedback from the community at this stage. Have a look at the images below and consider….

  • Does this workflow make sense to you?
  • Is the design intuitive? Can you find what’s important to you?
  • Do you have any specific suggestions for improvements?

Start a group

New Group to Active Group

Thread, Proposal, Discussion

Really looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

PS, we're also seeking feedback on the new designs for the desktop/tablet views

UPDATED : click images for full-size screenshots :)


Theodore Taptiklis Wed 8 Oct 2014

If you want some 'realistic' workplace content for the mockup (or perhaps later for the demo) I'd be happy to prepare some


Diogo Nunes Thu 9 Oct 2014

Looks really good, so much better than today. Is that look achieved through a native app or a responsibe website?


Alanna Irving Thu 9 Oct 2014

@diogonunes it's a responsive website


Steve Coffman Sat 11 Oct 2014

Looks great! You guys are awesome! Thanks for doing this.


mix irving Mon 20 Oct 2014

How do I navigate between the Thread/ Proposal/ Discussion.

I would be against it being one big vertical scrolling thing.
I want to be able to access the Context , Proposal, and Thread quickly.
I wonder if something like the FB scroll thing is possible, where there is a buttons to take you to the top/new content, but you only get it on-screen if you start scrolling up.

I love the one-columns design, it looks so clean


Rob Guthrie Mon 20 Oct 2014

Thanks Mix. That's part of the design - it's just not spelled out in the mockups. The discussion title or proposal title will fix to the top of the viewport under or or alongside the nav. Maybe it will just out of sight on mobile - Ie: you just move up slightly and it appears.


Tekarihoken Tue 21 Oct 2014

It looks good


[deactivated account] Thu 30 Oct 2014

Looks good. Your efforts are amazing.