Should we run a telematrix bridge for ourselves?

Shamil Public Seen by 355

Currently, we are using tchncs.de's telegram <=> matrix bridge for a lot of our rooms. The bridge has been under a lot of load lately and there has been talk of running our own telematrix instance.

(GLL uses it the most)


Shamil started a proposal January 3rd, 2018 16:06

Should we run our own telematrix instance? Closed 9:33pm - Saturday 6 Jan 2018

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Pirate Praveen

Pirate Praveen
January 3rd, 2018 16:09

yes, but after we upgrade our server

Balasankar C

Balasankar C
January 3rd, 2018 17:03

Yes. If you can get me the specs you need, I can look into getting a server for you.

Raju Devidas

Raju Devidas January 4th, 2018 08:59

Is tchncs.de's bridge not relaying messages properly?
what difference will our own server make in terms of functionalities of the bridge?

Pirate Praveen

Pirate Praveen January 4th, 2018 09:02

not functionality, but performance. tchncs.de server is overloaded. If we run our own server, we can avoid delays in messages coming across the bridge.

Pirate Praveen

Pirate Praveen January 4th, 2018 09:04

what we discussed about #hamara is about functionality, telematrix has better features (one to one user mapping) over the irc telegram bot.

Kannan V M

Kannan V M February 2nd, 2018 15:48

:thumbs_up: agree

Pirate Praveen

Pirate Praveen February 13th, 2018 15:14

We have it running thanks to @balasankarchelamat and @mujeebcpy