March 13th, 2019 21:31

A very interesting take on UBI

Michael Shea Public Seen by 132

I know I have spoken to some folks in this community about my opposition to UBI as a lozenge of the technologists to ease their conscience as they destroy the purpose of millions, but here is another very well articulated view against UBI from Douglas Rushkoff.


Any thoughts or comments?

Josh Fairhead

Josh Fairhead March 13th, 2019 23:06

So I've not read the article but my (current and always changing) view on UBI is that the reason it won't work is because its premised on an extrinsic motivator. Currency in granular form... which thus incentivises short term thinking and creates all sorts of cultural distortions for us as a collective.

You might like to know about this actually: https://open.coop/collaborate/mutual-credit/