Wed 3 Jul 2019

OggCamp 19th-20th September in Manchester

Tadeusz Cantwell Public Seen by 154

For the past couple of years, I've gone to Ogg Camp which is free to attend, with an optional price of £15 to support the running costs. Last year I gave a talk on OSM, which saw around ten to fifteen people turn up. As I'm from Ireland I couldn't give any local information about mapping in the U.K. So if any of you are local you can register to give a talk on the main stage or put up a post-it note, unconference style for a talk in one of the other rooms. Maybe if a few turn up we can do a mapping session around the city after the talk.

Depending on the layout, i.e are there tables in the common area like last year and turnout of mappers, we could run tutorials on the fly as people mingle between talks,