Wed 11 Dec 2013

We're crowdfunding! What do you want?

Alina Siegfried Public Seen by 155

Hi Loomio Community,

I'm Alina, the new Senior Comms Wrangler at Loomio. I'm loving getting to know the community through various discussions. I'd love your input on this one.

Some exciting news - we're going to be launching a massive crowd-funding campaign early next year! It's important for us to head out on this adventure in collaboration with the global Loomio community, so we would love hear your thoughts on how you think it could roll out.

For example, are there specific rewards you would like to see? Are there some platforms you prefer over others?

Please throw us your ideas... Go!


Brennan Novak Thu 12 Dec 2013

Make it easy to create a custom theme and a self hosted install of Loomio


Brennan Novak Thu 12 Dec 2013

Create better documentation & support for running on non Heroku servers


Alina Siegfried Mon 16 Dec 2013

Thanks @brennannovak for your suggestions, but I was hoping to generate some discussion around what people might like to see for rewards on a crowdfunding campaign.

@benjaminknightloom @vivienmaidabornloo have you picked up some ideas on your travels to get the ball rolling?


Chelsea Robinson Mon 16 Dec 2013

#Ideas galore!

  • A free toolkit on "how to get your team in loomio and cranking fast" - everyone struggles with this!
  • Send me a LoomioLover merchandise item or like a laptop cover with a great quote about democracy on it
  • I want a heart on my name on Loomio which only crowdfunders get to "wear" on their profile online
  • 1 hour of skype consultation for FREEE...

the list goes on - super keen to hear others' ideas


Simon Tegg Mon 16 Dec 2013

@jonlemmon will compose and sing a thankyou song with your name in it.


Anthony Cabraal Tue 24 Dec 2013

Loomio "I supported" header image for facebook?


Ricardo Araújo Tue 24 Dec 2013

-Something like @anthonycabraal said, but in loomio, next to the profile picture.
-Other idea is to being able to install loomio locally but may have little interest.
-Having a paid account with more benefits, like being able to have more people in their group/team


Murdoch Thu 26 Dec 2013

Commemorative teaspoons.


Rebeka Whale Thu 2 Jan 2014

T-shirts could be great, but tricky with the different sizes... could just pre-print a bunch in each size and have a back up plan for any that aren't snapped up.
Bike flags!
+1 for the heart/icon on your profile.
Your image added to the Loomio 'shrine of support' collage installation.
A lifesize cardboard cutout of your favourite Loomio team member.
A day on the project - come to the office and work with the team
Your very own pre-loomio decision- making kit. Complete with Runes, Tarot, Tea-leaves, I-Ching, Pendulum, Die, 8 ball, a blank pro's & con's list, and a coin.
handmade chutney or 'Loomio special sauce'
A 6 pack of Loomio Lemonade


Rebeka Whale Thu 2 Jan 2014

A pack of Art stickers from some of Wellington's finest illustrators.
A beautiful framed print of something Loomio relevant (quote, infographic...)


Rebeka Whale Thu 2 Jan 2014

Pillowslips with 'no more thinking, time to sleep' on them!


Rebeka Whale Thu 2 Jan 2014

AdBusters would probably provide some copies to give away.


Rebeka Whale Thu 2 Jan 2014

Actually an international pack of Art stickers would be way better. Something that expresses the 13+ languages


vivien maidaborn Sun 5 Jan 2014

I am keen on reallay growing the sense of contribution to community initiatives, Loomio in schools for example, enabling people in developing countries to use Loomio. My ideas about gifts/rewards are along the lines of

  1. memory stick with Loomio code
  2. participate in deciding where a percentage of the money is spent
  3. a visioning the future art work by 'daily secretions'

Steven Palmer Wed 8 Jan 2014

3-6 Premier Crowdfunder badges on Loomio home page, which includes business name of Funder.


rory tb Thu 9 Jan 2014

@ricardoaraujo given the nature of the site and community I personally would strongly recommend against putting caps on group sizes unless given payment for two reasons. It could quite easily turn Loomio into a 'product', I know people need to get paid to get things done but if you essentially have to buy an account to make it properly manageable it may alter the entire gist of the idea. Going on from that, Loomio is still quite small relative to facebook and the like and thus could benefit from more members. Group caps could potentially stagnate growth. Not saying you are wrong just putting in my 2 cents.

Moving on, I think part of the crowd funding might also help if we (the Loomio community) found some other organisations that could aline with or benefit from Loomio. For example I'm having a chat with the director for online engagement at Oaktree and hopefully doing some volunteer work with them. I'll most definitely to the loomio site and suggest it as a tool for self-coordinating volunteer work, which should compliment the 'community leader' campaign that they are currently running.

Word of mouth is a powerful thing. If everyone here knows someone or better yet an existing group or organisation that could get involved and they personally endorse the site we could probably have quite an impact.


Quentin Grimaud Thu 9 Jan 2014

What are the reasons why you (the Loomio team) are starting a crowdfunding campaign? What will be the money used for? Is it for structural functionning (daily work) and so consolidate your earnings to be sure not to have any financial problem during the year, or is this money intended for some specific use? For example developing a whole set of features which would add up to the ones which are already planned for sure. For this reason, you should look at what Piwik did: http://crowdfunding.piwik.org

They proposed several features and people and companies could sponsor these by crowdfunding (so that then their name would appear in the credits of the given modules). I would advise you to propose a big amount of features, this way people could pick the features they are the most interested into and so participate in the decision of what could be developed :). A different way to do it: make a unique crowdfunding campaign, and once the big goal is reached, let the funders decide democratically (or with a weight of their financial participation amount) the priorities of features development, by voting quite often during the year (for example the vote would be to order the features ideas/tickets by preference).


Quentin Grimaud Thu 9 Jan 2014

There are also several crowdfunding websites where people can create a crowdfunding campaign for a given feature, and they implement it it the goal is reached. You (the Loomio team) could use these :)


Quentin Grimaud Thu 9 Jan 2014

Example of crowdfunding websites for open source features: https://www.bountysource.com/ and https://www.catincan.com/


Alanna Irving Fri 10 Jan 2014

Imagine the crowdfunding rewards functioning like a vote in a way - we list out lots of features and see which ones people give the most to, then build those first. Great ideas @quentingrimaud


Alina Siegfried Fri 10 Jan 2014

@quentingrimaud Thanks for the suggestions!

We're crowdfunding to help us through the next 6 - 12 months of product development. Because Loomio is a social enterprise and a workers-owned cooperative, accessing venture capital funding can be difficult. So we're reaching out to our global community and at the same time offering the opportunity for input into what product features we prioritize for development, as you've suggested.