Sun 26 Jan

Free: six throws

Not A Witch Public Seen by 146

I have six throws looking for a home. Decorate your theme camp/dome/Point/event space/whatever. Let me know if you want them! First come first served, I'll bring them with me to Nest.

#freeshop #norefunds


Charlotte Davis Thu 27 Feb

Heya Not A Witch! Can we claim these for our camp space up in free camping please, if they've not already been taken? x


Not A Witch Thu 27 Feb

They are yours! I'll contact you with details.


Keegan Sat 29 Feb

Not really the place for this.


Ax Sat 29 Feb

Burners are a community. Some of us have very little access to ways of connecting with each-other.

loomio already has enough trouble staying active without people being worried that they are breaking someone else's definition of what is okay to post.

We are self-organising and self-selecting so why do you think you need to moderate us?