Sun 19 Apr 2020

Categorizing articles

SP Sam Peters Public Seen by 102

All the articles on the website say "Published in Uncategorized" at the bottom. Can we make some categories? Some ideas: Politics, Sports, Policy, Cooperatives, Ideas.

If you click on the "Uncategorized" hyperlink it takes you to https://www.mutualinterest.coop/category/uncategorized. But if you delete the "uncategorized" from the URL, it gives a 404 error. Would be nice if there were a page at https://www.mutualinterest.coop/category/ that indexed articles according to category.

Looking at the theme we use (https://www.competethemes.com/mission-news/) it has categories so I think implementing this could be easy. Thoughts?


Leo Sammallahti Sun 19 Apr 2020

Yes, that is a good idea. We shall be doing categorising next week or two. Here are some ideas for the categories, we won't probably be implementing all of them at least right away. Co-ops and unions should be there at least next week or two.

  • Co-ops

  • Unions

  • Anti-trust

  • Georgism

  • Technology

  • Sports


Sam Peters Sun 19 Apr 2020

Is there a roadmap or something that outlines the plan for MIM?


Leo Sammallahti Wed 22 Apr 2020

Here is an old post about my initial plans. Here were my initial goals. My plan was to reach 12 paying reader-members in the first 6 months - we are two months in and already have 21! So things going much better than expected.

February Goal

  • Launch on week 1 of February:

    • Publish an article describing the Counter-economy Co-op

    • Interview with Sandeep Vaheesan on anti-trust

    • Interview with Cardiff taxi worker co-op and union collaboration

    • Publish one new article by you

    • Publish one new article by me

    • Add around 15 old articles by us about unions, co-ops and party

  • Week 2 to 4

    • Interview with Nathan Schneider

    • Interview with cleaners co-operative in Belfast

    • Publish one article by both me and you

  • 6 Month Goals

    • Reach production of 11 articles a month

      • Interview with co-op, union and party person of the month

      • An article from you and me

      • An guest article author

      • Resonate song of the month - a regular article retweeted by Resonate

      • Coop Fact Of The Week vote

  • Revenue of 320£-440£/year

    • 12 reader-members providing £360-240/year 

    • Platform6 £80/year grant

    • 12 Month Goals

      • Reach production of 5 articles a week

        • Regular new reader polls

          • Election Watch - readers vote on policies on party manifestos of ongoing elections across the world

        • Expansion to broader interests than politics

          • Sports, fan-owned sports teams news

          • Culture, Stocksy photo- and Resonate music coop news.

          • Tech

            • Open source co-op project of the month

          • Personal finance tips and business news.

            • Informing about opportunities for mutual self-help, such as job opportunities or goods and services offered by co-operatives.

            • Business news from the co-op sector

  • Revenue of 790-1090£/year

    • 30 reader members - 900£ - 600£/year

    • Platform6 advertisement 150£/year

    • Social Coop advertisement 40£/year

  • 24 Month Goals

    • Reach a production of 2 articles a day

    • Monthly piece by an elected union, co-op and co-op party representative.

    • Have a monthly post on:

      • Anti-trust

      • Georgism

      • Energy, with pro-nuclear leaning

      • Employee ownership

      • Open source software

    • Regular monthly readers polls:

      • Policy of the month

      • Randomised trial of the month

      • Platform co-operative of the month 

      • Resonate song of the month

      • Co-op crowdfunding campaign of the month

      • Co-op fact of the month

      • Co-op Open Source Project of the month

      • Trade union of the month

    • Propose an annual motion voted on by the members of Nationwide

    • Have a Countereconomy Coop member as the reader elected member of the board of directors of Co-operative News

  • Revenue of 2840-3840£/year

    • Platform6 advertisement 300£/year

    •         Social Coop advertisement 40£/year

    •         Other sponsorships 500£/year

    •       100 reader members - 3000 - 2000£/year