June 29th, 2019 00:18

Tool Library Wants to Move Next Door

Tom Public Seen by 148

Hey guys, the tool library needs more space and less sawdust.

Are you ok with the tool library moving from Hackland ++ to the corner of hackland OG.

Benefits to hackland include:
- cheap as ($1.75/week) access to tools they can take home.
- hopefully some more rent from the library (this depends on membership rates though!)


Tom started a poll June 29th, 2019 00:21

Can ALoT move from "++" to "Hackland"? Closed 10:03am - Saturday 6 Jul 2019

We want to move to the north-east corner that is currently filled with wood and bikes.

8 - Yes.
0 - No.
1 - Maybe.

Tom June 29th, 2019 00:23


Helena June 29th, 2019 00:38


I think it would be good because that space is generally calmer and also the wood workshop could do with more space for wood storage and tools. Money Allocation to Hackland++ should stay the same and even become more in the future as income (hopefully) increases. How much more rent from ALOT is reasonable for the new space?

Jonathon Shields

Jonathon Shields June 29th, 2019 02:46


Does this change where ALoT ends up? Currently finances for OG and ++ are quite separate. I think at the moment Hackland++ receives most of the rent from ALoT and it is a decent chunk to go without if it moves to Hackland OG.


Simon June 29th, 2019 05:19


This means more space in HL++. Also quieter for ALoT.

Jorån Kikke

Jorån Kikke June 29th, 2019 05:48


Yes I like this, but I'd suggest we also re-think the coloring of the tools to make it super clear which ones go where and have an easily to explain situation for "can people in the workshop who are not ALot members borrow the tools as long as they put them back?" Also more money :3

Amanda Chapman

Amanda Chapman June 29th, 2019 08:56

Karsten Sperling

Karsten Sperling June 30th, 2019 09:18


cstewart000 July 1st, 2019 03:56


Would make sense to do this. HL++ should be extended to encourage more members centered on woodworking. Concern that contribution of ALOT to HL++ will be diverted from 48C rent making 48C unfeasible.

Karsten Sperling

Karsten Sperling July 2nd, 2019 01:12

I agree with Cameron's concern re HL++ feasibility / funding (didn't know that the funding for HL and HL++ is managed separately)

Jorån Kikke

Jorån Kikke July 2nd, 2019 02:52

This move represents no funding change for either building. My hope is that the finances in the future can be simplified back to one entity again (as this is obviously simpler and puts Hackland in a stronger financial situation should it ever want to purchase a building of it's own)