January 5th, 2019 12:19

A interesting commentary on the "sharing" economy and anxiety

Michael Shea Public Seen by 133

Thomas Aquinas and the sharing economy....

"Increased rent always increases the possibility of unforeseen evils, because rent removes problems and solutions from our hands and places them in the hands of others. "

This post is worth the read, https://medium.com/s/the-disconnect/thomas-aquinas-against-your-digital-age-anxiety-c3d13b0cbb59 .

"The wager of tech pessimism is that it is a far finer thing to fear the evils presented to us by goods, skills, and ventures that really are our own—finer than to fear the unforeseeable actions of the wealthy from whom we rent."

Josh Fairhead

Josh Fairhead January 5th, 2019 20:24

Great talk, feels like they're on to something regarding mans anxiety being due to renting from unstable concentrations of power. Thanks for sharing, enjoyed the listen(!) which allowed me to multi-task :)