Conection to facebook

Anish Sheela
Anish Sheela Public Seen by 191

Lot of my friends from facebook are joining diaspora, due to disagreements on real name policy in facebook. I suggested poddery and facebook connectivity is a must for them.

Currently it is not working for poddery. I am not sure how to debug that and not have access. If someone is willing to guide me, I am happy to help.

Anish Sheela

Anish Sheela August 8th, 2015 19:19

Seems like facebook changed process and needs more filters for additional permissions
Need privacy policy link and all

Created new app and added Hrishi and Anivar, who is in poddery team also as admins.

Pirate Praveen

Pirate Praveen August 27th, 2015 16:52

@anisha does it work now?