Wed 23 Jun 2021

Every One Every Day project in Barking and Dagenham.

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Hello everyone, I'm trying to figure out if someone here (or maybe in worker coop development loomio group?) is talking to Participatory City Foundation. I am looking for more information, as it's confusing marketing content. They's been in touch with us several times with their interest in ceramics coop, asking to contribute. "We're incubating a couple of new worker co-operatives" I don't see coop development people on their staff list.

Anyone's got ideas/ or information. I'd be very grateful. Thank you 馃檹


Graham Wed 23 Jun 2021

@Josef Davies-Coates mentioned this outfit recently in another place. Sounds like some work needs to be done to build relationships. I took a quick look at their website, and it looks to be place based (and not in my place), so I didn't pursue it further at that time.


Nathan Brown (Co-op Culture) Wed 23 Jun 2021

I think Jonny at Stir To Action may have dealt with them. It's possible they could be incubating worker co-ops - they appear to have lots of space in which businesses incubate - and just buying in the support they need with registration from Co-operatives UK etc. Whether or not they would be sustainable if they don't get the right support early on is another matter.


John Atherton Wed 23 Jun 2021

I did a "what is a co-op" session at their incubation unit a few years ago. Seemed fairly genuine people if your standard, soc ent/business adviser types, I made the connection to HCT for them no idea if they build a relationship or not afterwards.

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Simon Ball (Blake House) Thu 24 Jun 2021

We made most of their videos, for better or for worse, and I have a lot to say, but it's probably best for the pub.鉁岋笍


Tatiana Baskakova, Ceramics, Ldn Mon 12 Jul 2021

Thank you all for the responses/private messages. It clears the confusion a bit. I wish there was more to it.