Mon 9 Dec 2019

tweaks to the Talent Directory

Jez Nicholson Public Seen by 142

The Talent Directory is not a public listing. We felt that this gives more opportunity for individuals/one-man-bands/spare-time devs/etc. to put their names down without it being publicised.

During some recent discussions it became clear that the name 'Talent Directory' implies to some that it is an openly published list, and even that it cannot even be a 'directory' if it is private.

Rather than argue for-or-against, how about we just rename it? i'd like to suggest the 'Talent Pool'.


Tony Shield Mon 9 Dec 2019

Happy with renaming it. I'm with you in not having a for-against discussion. A thought though - if a project is larger than an individual can do is there any traction in cooperating and having a jointly managed offer to a client - and importantly how to communicate that within the dierectory/pool.


Jez Nicholson Tue 10 Dec 2019

There has been interest in joint bids. The mechanics need working out though. Someone needs to be the lead bidder, taking on any liability, and project managing. I think that we concluded that this is unlikely to be OSMUK itself, but maybe we could have a mechanism where someone can ask other list members to act as freelancers for them?


Anyone can send to the Talent Pool "looking for help to join me on a bid". That ITT should be clear that the work is reliant on winning of a bid. The larger work might have come via the OSM UK talent pool or you may have found it externally, but being bigger it should hopefully have more time than ITTs that only require 1 person.

In this situation your competitors will see information you send out. Contacting the Talent Pool is via Jez/board so you could say "please only send to individuals".


Jez Nicholson Tue 10 Dec 2019

Rob pointed out that the Talent Pool is not private by design...we just haven't published it as a public list yet, and might do so in the future. The signup sheet lets people declare whether they would want to be public or not.

At the moment we are just trying to get the main mechanism working smoothly. I lose count, but we are on number 5 or 6 now, and there are still questions to answer in the process.