Sat 9 Jan 2021

Pension schemes

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Vica Sat 9 Jan 2021

Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone had some good suggestions on what pension scheme to use. We're a worker co-op with 2-3 employees, and we're looking for a scheme that is easy to set up and manage, ethical in its investments and not too expensive. Any advice welcome!


Vica Sat 9 Jan 2021

Thanks @Chris Croome (Webarchitects Co-operative) . Very useful!


Jim Wild Mon 11 Jan 2021

I'm not a fan of nest and other similar, and am fortunate to have ability and helps setting up and running a SIPP, but this news might be of interest to those who don't have the choice. https://theenergyst.com/nest-makes-move-to-invest-in-net-zero-energy/

Some of the ethical scoring schemes seem arbitrary, but seem to be the best you have at present.


Austen Cordasco Mon 11 Jan 2021

Like many in that thread, CAN looked into this when it was a hot topic and reluctantly decided to go with NEST.

We help set up and run pension schemes, by the way.


Douglas Racionzer Tue 12 Jan 2021

HCD is with NEST and my pension is invested in their ethical fund. It would be great if NEST offered a cooperative investment option?