How to ensure sterile workflow when making / delivering PPE?

Luke Flegg Public Seen by 11

We don't want to give front line workers PPE which has Coronavirus on it. How do we do this?

Straight off the bat, this is the most useful resource I've found so far I think though you might have to dig for a couple of mins for most relevant links:


Sarah Barber Mon 13 Apr 2020

This is good. I have been making face visors and following this guide from 3dcrowd.uk - there are some good hygiene practices mentioned near the beginning https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/1JhUENVDW341R0P4NfHq-IdCD0jT9QGge7onhx-wTUY4


Luke Flegg Mon 13 Apr 2020

Great, thanks @Sarah Barber for this handy resource. Out of interest, how many of these visors can you print in a day, and what other materials are required? I wonder if people without 3D printers can help source not printable pieces of the visors.

Your link would be useful to post in the other thread too maybe, about best designs for eye protection. For some reason your link isn't clickable for me. If you wanted to make it clickable, maybe just check there's a space before the URL (you can also force it to be a link by highlighting it and clicking the link 'chain' icon just below the typing area) 馃檶


Sarah Barber Mon 13 Apr 2020

Hey Luke, https://www.3dcrowd.uk/ is a national initiative to print visors, I think it may have started in Brighton, or at least some of the main guys are Brightonians. I don't have a 3D printer but am making my visors using a strip of upholstery foam according to this guide from university of Washington https://www.delve.com/assets/documents/Open-Source-Face-Shield-Drawing.pdf .

My shields are disposable but they are only really there to fill what has seemed to me to be an urgent need. The 3d printed ones are sort of reusable in that a new acetate sheet can be added to the frame but I'm not worried about planning for long term yet as I expect NHS supplies to improve or larger groups like 3d crowd to deal with these longer term issues.

Here's a video guide I made on how to make the face shields: http://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157272329658932&id=517093931&scmts=scwspsdd&extid=nFDFCTHhHYi0ToRs


Nicola Cooper Wed 22 Apr 2020

I imagine all equipment given to NHS will be cleaned with chlorine before use. Could sterise things with actichlor, tristell or clenell wipes