Wed 18 Mar 2020

Things You Should Know About “Custom Boxes with Logo”

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The world has advanced so much in the past some decades. Everything has flourished a lot in different manners. Same goes in the case of the packaging of products. Now almost everything is coming in a different and unique type of packaging. This clearly means that the consumers now have a wide variety of packaging to select from. Like, the packaging plays a vital role in making choices about the products.

Besides, the product sellers need to be more focused on the selection of the packaging for their products. This is because the appearance of the packaging can help them a lot in the ultimate demand for their products.

Custom boxes with logos can help you a lot in different manners related to the demand for your products. Like, this is a type of packaging with amazing features. Not only you as product sellers going to avail benefits from this packaging but also the buyers will find different related and catchy factors in it.

Want to know about the incredible features of these boxes? The following guideline will surely fall you in love with these boxes.

  • Sturdy and durable materials

  • Eye-catchy and convincing add-ons

  • Helpful and long-lasting printing techniques

  • Customized sizes and shapes

  • Noticeable and exclusive styles

  • Amazingly affordable rates

Here going to give elaborative explanation of all the features so that the things you are unaware about can become familiar to you. Also, the explanation will help you to decide which feature will go best for your product type.

Sturdy and Durable Materials

Without a doubt, the thing about which the product sellers show extreme concern is the safety of their products. For sure, this aspect can never be neglected. Therefore, the material is the first thing that should be focused on while designing the boxes.

The material that you will find at the packaging companies for the boxes are as follow:

  • Cardboard

  • Kraft

  • Corrugated

  • Rigid

All the mentioned materials have great properties. Like, all of them has the changeable thickness. Yes! The thickness of the cardstock, kraft and rigid are changed by the increasing or decreasing the points while the corrugated thickness is changed by adding or subtracting the flutes.

Furthermore, these materials do not have such properties that will harm the nature in any way. Your product will be completely protected within the boxes made up of these materials.

Eye Catchy and Convincing Add-ons

Now the thing is that how to upgrade the appearance of the custom boxes? This is very simple. All you have to do is to select any of the add-on of your choice. This because the add-ons have the power to convince the customers to have a look at the packaging and the inside product.

Following add-ons are available that you can select from as your taste:

  • Coatings

  • Foiling

  • Embossing and debossing

  • Window addition

  • Designs

Different Coatings and Foiling

These add-ons work differently, but all of them are the key factors to give an elaborative look to the boxes. Like, the coatings are to change the dull and dim material look of the boxes. Furthermore, the foiling is to give the shiny, and the attention grasping look to the boxes. Moreover, these coatings are of two types matte and gloss. You can select of your choice.

Extraordinary Embossing and Debossing

Besides, the embossing and the debossing is going to be the best and the most favourite add-on of the product sellers as they can use it to highlight their brand name. This will give them the prominence over the boxes.

Considerable Window Addition

The addition of a window will help the consumers to get to know about the inside product. Like, they can see the inside product from these windows. Furthermore, there are two types of windows that can work best for your boxes. These are PVC and the die-cutting.

Extensive and Exclusive Designs:

Additionally, the design option is added so that product sellers can use to make the use of inside product easy for the consumers. Like, they can avail of this design option to print the design of the usage of the inside product on the boxes. Also, this feature can be used to give a considerable look to the boxes.

Helpful and Long-lasting Printing Techniques

Here comes to printing techniques. Almost all the product brands want to promote their brand in any way. Means all of them are in search of different helpful ways to advertise their brand and to endorse it. The best way for this purpose that is going to help you out is the printing techniques, yes! This feature is the best way to ratify your brand.

Besides, there are few techniques that you can go with as per your decision, and these are as follow:

  • Offset printing

  • Digital printing

  • Screen printing

These printing techniques work differently but give same result means they all are the best options. Furthermore, the difference that you will find in these three techniques is that the offset one is a technique based on ink for printing purposes. Additionally, the digital one is a technique based on toner for printing purposes. The third technique means screen one is the best option for the bulk of printing.

The common thing between the three of them is the affordability. Yes! None of them will go high on your budget but only depends on the quantity of the custom printed boxes.

Noticeable and Exclusive Styles

  • Two-piece boxes

  • Sleeve boxes

  • Tuck-end boxes

  • Pillow boxes

  • Mailer boxes

  • Cylinder boxes

  • Two-piece Boxes

This style of the boxes divides into two parts. Furthermore, in one part, you would keep the product. The second part would be the cover of the first part in which you keep the product.

  • Sleeve Boxes

Besides, this style of the boxes is also dividing into two different parts. Additionally, these two parts have different places. In one part, you keep the product, and the second part is the lid of the first part. The thing which differentiates it from the two-piece boxes is the slide opening way of this style. Furthermore, these sleeve boxes are in high demand because they give an exceptional look to the product with the easy opening and the closing.

  • Tuck-end Boxes

This style of the boxes has further different types. The manufacturing of this style comes with the flaps and the panels. The only difference in these types of these style of the boxes is the placement of the flaps. These subtypes are as follow:

  • Straight tuck end

  • Reverse tuck end

  • Sealed tuck end

  • Auto-lock tuck end

  • Pillow Boxes

This style of the box is known as a pillow boxes because its shape has a resemblance to the pillow shape. Furthermore, this style is prevalent in use for products because it gives an exquisite look to the product.

  • Mailer Boxes

The product companies, most of the time, send their product to the bloggers for the pr purpose. They use the mailer boxes for this purpose. Additionally, these boxes are made from such techniques that would keep the product stay its place properly.

  • Cylinder Boxes

This is a unique style of the box. This style is mostly in use if you want to send the product to someone in an impressive way. Furthermore, this style of the boxes gives the guaranteed safety of the product.

If you are looking to find all the above-mentioned features of the custom packaging boxes at one-stop, then you should first consult different packaging companies before finalizing one. This will surely help you to go with the best option.

Also, first, discuss all the prices and the shipment criteria so that you get to avail the best custom packaging with every perfect thing.