Tue 4 Feb

Intro Webinar to Community Democracy in an XR context

Carlos AG Public Seen by 174


Of course everybody is most welcome to this webinar but we have actively being targeting Welsh and South West XR local groups. So if you live in any of those places or know about somebody... please spread the work.


How do we build truly inclusive resilient communities?
How can we help people feel empowered to create local changes?
Could participatory democracy be the answer?

- Thursday 6th Feb, 7.30pm - https://zoom.us/j/986351996
- Sunday 9th Feb, 6.30pm - https://zoom.us/j/257593371

This call will introduce participatory democracy, how it has been used nationally and internationally to take back power for communities to determine their own futures and heal the divisions created by the toxic system we inhabit.

We will explore our approach and why this is an essential part of our Rebellion and how you can get involved.

Introductory Resources including a recording of the webinar can be found here - http://bit.ly/ComDemLib

Text Summary of Webinar - http://bit.ly/CDIntroSum

Look out for our Growing Community Democracy Workshops to deepen your exploration.