Bilateral issues in the Western Balkans region

Vasilije Krivokapić Public Seen by 302

Vasilije Krivokapić Tue 3 Apr 2018

Hello everybody,

Thank you for joining the Legacy issues part of the Consultation process. The first group is dedicated for discussing the current ongoing bilateral issues that exist in the WB6 region. The main goals for which this group was created are:
- to indicate the main issues that hinder better relations between countries, be it territorial disputes, ongoing legal cases, diplomatic issues or any other issues that disrupt normal relations,
- to gather all existing information, documents and viewpoints that are tackling these issues,
- to propose solutions and ways of how to address these issues.


Vasilije Krivokapić Thu 5 Apr 2018

Hello everybody!
Here are some questions that we hope will instigate a thorough discussion about the topic of ongoing bilateral issues in the region.

  • What mechanisms have been used so far in resolving these issues? Why these mechanisms have not yield satisfactory results?
  • How does the media in your country portray these issues?
  • What are the viewpoints of the civil sector in regards to this topic? What has your organization or the civil sector in general done to aid government's efforts in addressing these bilateral issues? Which mechanisms have been used by CSOs in your country to tackle these issues?
  • Please enlist all relevant documents, publications, policy briefs etc. published about bilateral issues by your or other CSO in your country.

Feel free to join the discussion!


Gentiola Madhi Fri 6 Apr 2018