Thu 26 Jul 2012

Multiple proposals on a discussion

Joshua Vial Public Seen by 184

Joshua Vial Thu 26 Jul 2012

I have had a few times when I would like to run multiple proposals on a discussion at the same time.

Originally I believe the argument against this was visual space and I would suggest we design an 'open but minimized' view of a proposal which has the pie chart but you can't see the names unless you click an expand button which should mean there is enough space to have multiple proposals going at once.


Richard D. Bartlett Fri 27 Jul 2012

Very keen for this to happen; personally wouldn't prioritise it yet. It hasn't come up from user feedback (apart from 'super users' i.e. Enspiralites at this point), we've got a lot more work to do on core functionalities before we go adding any more complexity to the decision making process.


Alanna Irving Fri 27 Jul 2012

I think this would create mass confusion and lack of focus... we'd need to rigorously prototype and design this so that doesn't happen.


Joshua Vial Fri 27 Jul 2012

ah, the neglected super users - I feel like such a second class citizen


Paul Smith Fri 27 Jul 2012

I agree with the premise of taking one complex discussion/proposal and breaking it into smaller easier decisions/ideas.

Priority wise I wouldn't want to implement it until after tags/labels and filters are available, so that a discussion can tag a specific proposal otherwise discussions will be chaos. I'd like to see how tags/labels effect the discussions anyway as it's possible that alone will help the fragmentation.


Richard D. Bartlett Fri 27 Jul 2012

JV we're on the hunt for a developer that wants to exclusively build your requested features but we haven't got anyone signed up yet.


Aaron Thornton Fri 27 Jul 2012

Josh i like how you are constantly challanging every level of the app. It like being in a platform game where just when you think you are somewher stable the platform falls away.


Jon Lemmon Fri 27 Jul 2012

I think it's pretty clear that this is going to be necessary later on... and that it's also going to require a lot of work to implement it well.


Benjamin Knight Mon 30 Jul 2012

Definitely in the longer term, but for now maybe chuck it on the 5km-long list of Premium High Quality Exclusive JV Special Features


Danyl Strype Wed 8 Aug 2012

A possible solution to the 'UI over-crowding' problem from my super-long comment on the 'edit proposal' discussion:

If the goal of Loomio is to facilitate inclusive consensus, it occurs to me that a person making a 'no' vote should be required to fork the proposal, and a person making an 'abtain' vote should be encouraged to fork the proposal. A possible ways to visualize this:
1) A 'block' vote comment is a link to the fork proposal created by the person blocking (the same for any forked proposal created by a person abstaining).
2) Links to fork proposals could be included in the pie chart in place of 'block' votes. If a second person blocks, they can either add their support to the first person's fork proposal, or create their own (perhaps as a merge of the original and the fork?)

I would also suggest ordering the vote comments under the pie chart from, starting with 'no', then 'abstain', then 'yes'. This emphasizes the nature of any dissensus around the issue which needs to be dealt with in order to find full consensus. <<

BTW I had to open another Loomio window in a separate tab to find this comment and cut'n'paste. I also had to manually edit to restore line breaks. This is one example of the need for an easier way to drag copy comments from one discussion thread into another.