Sun 26 Jan 2020

What should we discuss in the 3rd Februray meeting?

RobJN Public Seen by 110

As of December we have moved to a new format of monthly meetings where we pick a main topic to focus on. Now that the microgrants have been launched what should we discuss in February?

On our strategy we still have:

  • Guidelines for when to support mech edits/imports.

  • Ensure that the UK specific tagging guidelines are easy to understand and easy to find.

It would also be great if anyone wanted to spend some time demoing something that they have created/seen.

Given the short notice we probably don't have enough time to do a poll this month. But please share your ideas as I could use these in a poll for March.


Tony Shield Sun 26 Jan 2020

now that expenditure for microgrants has been approved, and unexpected expenditure for Loomio incurred - should budget planning be started and revenue raising reviewed? Last year there was aproposal to increase some membership fees- should membership fees be reviewed so that income matches expenditure aims?


RobJN Sun 9 Feb 2020

Hi Tony. We had a quick chat about the finances and agreed to open a Loomio thread to discuss how to set the membership fees for 2020/21. These need approving by our members so a thread makes sense.