June 26th, 2017 09:32

Coffee Tables

Mr CK Public Seen by 378

This is to do with the coffee table proposal. If there is already a thread apologies, I couldn't see one.
I changed my vote to abstain [which isn't really a vote now is it?]
I would have liked an "I'm undecided" Button.

I initially voted no because I find a low coffee table in the middle of a group of chairs in a situation like the couch space, can be a pain and a "falling over it/into it hazard". As well as a magnet for all sorts of bumph.
An obvious manifestation of the gravitational anomalies caused by flat surfaces in Hacker/Makerspaces, as researched and theorised by Dr. C.K. in his well known treatise The Rules of Attraction in Hackerspaces: The Flat Surface Enigma.

But now I kind of like Helena's idea of a different form of table, taller, hackable, multi-use table, and obviously, not having somewhere to put your coffee while you sit in a group and chat kind of sucks. So could it be hacked? Could it be awesome??

So I wait .... wondering.... :sweat_smile:


[deactivated account] June 30th, 2017 07:51

Definitely hackable. I will try to bring it in this weekend.


dominic.tarr@gmail.com August 8th, 2017 06:26

the obvious solution is a sloping table


kitkate August 8th, 2017 18:47

But then you can't put coffee on it?


kitkate August 8th, 2017 18:47

What about instead of a coffee table cup holders like in a car?