For anyone near Cambridge - Cambridge University Green Week: End Climate Colonialism

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may interest people that are aware For justice transition away from current system. there are various topics not spoken about among the mainstream of environmentalist
馃挜聽The full schedule for Green Week 2020, organised by the CUSU Ethical Affairs Campaign, is here!聽馃挜
We've got an exciting week full of events exploring the historic relationship between capitalism, colonialism, and the climate crisis. You are all warmly invited to attend and participate in these important discussions.
馃挜聽Monday 10th Feb: 'A just(ice) transition: building a decolonial vision of tomorrow'
馃挜聽11th Feb: 'Environmental Justice Movements and their Histories'
馃挜聽12th Feb: 'The Climate Crisis, the nation and neo-colonialism'
馃挜聽14th Feb: 'A Workshop on Climate Grief; Dr Monica Moreno Figueroa and the Sustaining All Life Collective'
馃挜聽16th Feb: 'Eco-fascism: Resisting the far right'
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