Mon 15 May 2017

OSGeo Travel Grant Budget

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Here is the budget request to make a travel grant program for 2017.

See Operational Budget for 2017


Jody Garnett Mon 15 May 2017

This is a time sensitive request as we have a formal request to set up a travel grant program for the FOSS4G 2017 event.


Poll Created Mon 15 May 2017

Travel Grant Budget 10+10 Proposal Closed Thu 18 May 2017

by Jody Garnett Thu 18 May 2017

This motion has passed, the annual budget has been amended accordingly (there is a new line for the conference committee with 15,000 USD)

See https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/OSGeo_Budget_2017

Motion to set up OSGeo Travel Grant budget amendment 2017. This activity meets many of our goals as an organizations.

Budget amendment as follows:

  • Initial $10,000 to kick-start FOSS4G 2017 Travel Grant (5k from "internal events" budget, and 5k budget increase).
  • Up to $10,000 for Travel Grant sponsorship matching (10k budget increase).

If this motion is approve we will update the wiki to reflect the budget amendment.


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Helena Mitasova
Mon 15 May 2017

from the wording it is not clear whether we are increasing our budget by 10K or re-allocating funds from elsewhere, but I am OK with the funding amount


Maria Antonia Brovelli
Tue 16 May 2017

I have the same doubt as Helena. Beside, I believe that the annual conference has to be cheaper. I don't like that I don't have the possibility of having my PhD students (who are our future) with me at the conference and that I have problem in managing the cost also for me (totally about 2500 euro!!!)


Jody Garnett Mon 15 May 2017

@michaelsmith7 can you double check this against or Q1-Q2 spend?


Angelos Tzotsos Tue 16 May 2017

The budget amendment should be clearer, I agree with Helena.


Jody Garnett Tue 16 May 2017

So let's clarify, I will work with @michaelsmith7 to get solid numbers in here.


Helena Mitasova Wed 17 May 2017

can you please clarify where this 10K that we are approving is coming from?

Thank you, Helena


Jody Garnett Wed 17 May 2017

Where does the money come from

Talked with @michaelsmith7 - he said we had not spent anything in these two categories. Checking the OSGeo Budget 2017 I think he means we have 5,000 for "internal events".

So 10k for foss4g travel grant would come from 5k for internal events, and 5k extending our budget. Since this proposal hits all of our goals as an organization I am more than happy to extend our budget to cover this new responsibility.

Justification: Prior years we had asked local organizing committees to "differ profits" by way of supporting a travel grant program. This approach has the advantage of being more predictable/responsible from a budgeting standpoint. I do not have data on how much the board authorized in differed profits; but it would help guide our decision now.


Jody Garnett Wed 17 May 2017

What is being proposed:

We commit 10k now (so the conference committee can do a call for applicants for foss4g travel grants).

We do up to 10k for global program; subject to sponsorship matching. So if a company puts in 3k, OSGeo board would put in 3k. If a local chapter puts in 2k, OSGeo board would put in 2k - until we reach our 10k limit.


Jody Garnett Wed 17 May 2017

Maria / Helena - I am sorry but this program may not make these specific events more affordable for your students. Event affordability is a larger discussion.

I feel anything we did with travel grants would be a band-aid on affordability; they can only ever help a small number of people (as it is being set up for outreach/diversity/community building.)

If the conference committee wants to make events affordable that is an action they can take during the selection process. Such a decision may require a different format. Twitter today is full of suggestions, but it is a much larger discussion then this short term need.


Michael Smith Wed 17 May 2017

Jody is correct that we haven't spent funds on the Internal Events category. So that's $5k from there. and the we would increase the budget by $5k


Jody Garnett Wed 17 May 2017

Updating the proposal text based on @michaelsmith7 clarifications.


Angelos Tzotsos Wed 17 May 2017

Since our current budget is a bit too high for this year (122k), increasing it by 15k is making me a bit uncomfortable.
I would suggest to do 5k from internal events and 5k increase for 2017 and increase the travel grand program budget to 10k+10k next year.


Venka Wed 17 May 2017

I agree with Angelos. I am not comfortable with any increase in 2017 without knowing surplus expected from out 2016 and 2017 conferences. I also do not agree that travel grant is the only way to encourage diversity in our community.