Fri 11 Feb 2022 12:22PM

Major Microsolidarity 2022 update

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I spent the past 6 weeks mostly just working on Microsolidarity so I have a lot of good news to share with you today. There's new essays, in-person events, and a new digital space for us to meet 馃帀

Five New Essays

The microsolidarity project has grown into a network of a couple dozen communities, learning together how to weave the social fabric that underpins shared infrastructure. I've just published 5 new essays, with more in progress:

  1. Background & Introduction -- What is microsolidarity? Who is using it? Why?

  2. Five Scales of Microsolidarity -- The only theory you need to grasp: groups of different sizes are good for different things.

  3. Leadership as Hospitality -- A distinctive way of thinking about power, authority & hierarchy.

  4. A Developmental Pathway -- How to cultivate the capacities of a mature microsolidarity practitioner, developing collaborative competence in increasingly large groups.

  5. From Domination to Partnership -- A fractal, radical, constructive approach to transforming power dynamics in groups of any size.

In addition to this new "theory" writing, there's a bunch of new practical information on the website too, with clear suggestions for how you can get started practicing microsolidarity.

Microsolidarity Gatherings in 2022

We've just confirmed the first gathering of the microsolidarity network, in Belgium from May 9th-14th! It is going to be blend of a deep-dive training from some of my favourite facilitators, and a participant-created peer-to-peer learning adventure.

Hopefully we'll also soon announce an event in the USA in November.

Spaces will sell out so register soon if you want to join. There's also a scholarship form if you want to join but the price is prohibitive. You can find all the details here.


I've also just opened up a Discord chat room for the microsolidarity network.

This Loomio group will stay open for people who prefer the slower pace of a discussion forum to a chat room. The Discord is a new experiment for more rapid-fire informal chat.

If you ever want to talk about community building, decentralised organising, self-managing teams etc, with me or any of the other microsolidarity practitioners, join us in the Discord!


Geoffrey Carr-Harris Fri 11 Feb 2022 12:41PM

Looks like your essays

link to someone's patreon??


Richard D. Bartlett Fri 11 Feb 2022 1:11PM

such a weird copy-paste error. thanks for spotting! updated now :)


Nenad Maljkovi膰 Fri 11 Feb 2022 1:26PM

I'm co-hosting an event for my local network (congregation?) in Croatia 13-15 May 2022, so I will not be able to travel to Belgium. However, I would be interested for remote participation 9-13 May, and also maybe to connect remotely the event in Belgium with my local event on 14 May.


Joe Lightfoot Fri 11 Feb 2022 11:04PM

Yeah boi!! Look forward to delving into all this, I'm re-emerging from Shocking Grief town into Waves of Sweet Sadness Whole New Life Chapter town xo


Danyl Strype Mon 14 Mar 2022 8:42AM

I hear that Joe 馃檹