Sun 14 Aug 2016

PPSE celebrating 10 years!

Bailey Lamon Public Seen by 327

The Pirate Party of Sweden is celebrating 10 years on August.27th! Yay!

Email from Josef Collentine:

“Dear pirate leaders,

PPSE turned 10 years old in January. To celebrate we plan to hold a party on August 27th http://crowdfunding.piratpartiet.se/?v=f003c44deab6

To put more focus on the international part of the movement we need your help. We'd like to compile a video with short congratulations from different pirate parties. Could you please record a short congratulatory message and send it to me? (cell-phone quality works great)


Suggestion: Let’s put together a congratulatory message from PPI, either in writing or video form. :)


Raymond Johansen Sun 14 Aug 2016

If there is a board meeting tonight I will make sure this is mentioned. Norway has already made a short message in native language. So should everyone else. (Use their own words). Guillaume and/or Bailey should do the same from PPI. :)


Thomas Gaul Sun 14 Aug 2016

For PPDE we will try to establish a live feed to and fro as DE will have their GA the same day.


Thomas Gaul Sun 14 Aug 2016

Having the international scale in view, a video message from Bailey and Guillaume should be given to PPSE maybe a mixed one would suffice as best.