Fri 8 Jun 2018

Social.coop ecosystem v1

Matt Noyes Public Seen by 323

A prezi that shows the technical, financial, and governance ecosystem of our cooperative Mastodon instance. What's missing? What's inaccurate?



Nathan Schneider Mon 11 Jun 2018

Cool! What's this for?

  • It seems we're switching from GitHub to GitLab at git.coop.
  • Sandstorme usage never really took off. But Goog Docs usage has been pretty minimal too.
  • Not clear the Sarapis deal will work yet, so perhaps don't publicize that.
  • I haven't seen any evidence that GitLab is owned by Alphabet. Is it?

Matt Noyes Mon 11 Jun 2018

Thanks Nathan -- This is just to visualize the swirl of discussions we have been having. To help keep track of the various tools we use and to encourage us to think more in terms of ecosystem. Google Ventures was a big initial investor and gitlab uses the Google cloud platform, but my slide is wrong. I'll fix that and the Sarapis mention.