Thu 28 May 2020

Bridging tech and community working groups

Nick Sellen Public Seen by 78

I feel the tech working group is very detached from the community working group. Also detached from the wider conversations that happen in threads on loomio that from my perspective often have little relation to what is happening in the tech working group.

Let's fix it!

I thought maybe this co-ordination/governing board / working group proposal might address some of it (https://www.loomio.org/d/DPONRFbU/discussion-and-development-of-an-elected-social-coop-governing-board), but not sure what is the status of that?

So, I propose:

  • ask @Matthew Cropp to summarise the state of the proposal linked above (just because he started the thread, but maybe others can do it too)

  • we schedule a call to get to know each other a bit more, explore our current positions, and nudge towards the next step (maybe one person from the community working group can join me to co-plan/facilitate that call? I think @Matt Noyes did a great job facilitating the disco discussion call, but could be anyone!)


Matt Noyes Fri 29 May 2020

I like the idea of bridging the two working groups, whether it is through the coordination group or periodic joint meetings, or some other means. A joint call is a nice idea. I am happy to help.


Nick Sellen Fri 29 May 2020

Great, wondering who would be interested to join? From our tech side the people participating in the calls most regularly are me, @Noah ( @redoak ), @David Mynors, Michel (not on loomio?) also joined recently and was keen to take on some tasks. Some of them may be interested to participate in a joint call. How about from from community side?

As for scheduling - those 4 people span West Coast USA to Central Europe timezones. We do 19:30 UTC for the tech calls and that allows everyone to participate. Tech calls are every other week, so maybe we could do a (initially one-off) joint call in the gap between the tech calls? (next slot would be next Wednesday / 2020-06-03 19:30 UTC, otherwise 2 weeks after that).


Mica Fisher Fri 29 May 2020

I would be interested in a join call at some point! Something not related to the coordination group--more information with a community building focus. Also, I'm not a techie and get really lost in the tech WG loomio threads... so maybe would also be a good time for demystifying the technology we're using?


Nick Sellen Fri 29 May 2020

Yup, sharing knowing/information about the technology sounds like a good bridging topic :) I'm always very happy to explain (actually, normally too happy to explain, and go into far too much detail ;) )


Matthew Cropp Fri 29 May 2020

Thanks for poking on this @Nick Sellen.

Moving the Coordinating Committee formation process along has been in my court, and I've only been able to engage with it in fits and starts due to being a bit over capacity for the past two months. I'm hoping things will simmer down and I'll have more capacity once the real estate co-op project I've been working on (which was supposed to close in mid-March) is closed (goal is by June 12th at the latest), but this is a good reminder for me to actually get that meeting scheduled.

To the short-terms "bridging" call, I'd be happy to join that as well, and I've tentatively blocked out 6/3 at 19:30 UTC in my calendar, if that works for other folks?


Nick Sellen started a check Mon 1 Jun 2020

Will you join the first tech/community bridging call on 3rd June at 19:30 UTC? Closed Wed 3 Jun 2020

Would be really great to have a range of participants from tech and community sides. If you haven't been involved in either of those working groups yet, you can still join, but be prepared to then join one of the working groups to help do the work too :)

It's ok if not everyone can make it to this one, we can do a time poll to make a better time if it helps, but I just want to get something concrete going... if at least 3 other people are able to join then I think we go ahead with this one...

It's 3rd June, i.e. this coming Wednesday at 19:30 UTC, which converted for you is:

East Coast USA = 12:30

West Coat USA = 15:30

UK = 20:30

Central Europe = 21:30

Japan = 04:30 (ooof)

8 - Yes
0 - No

emi do
Mon 1 Jun 2020

I will try my best... !!


Mica Fisher
Mon 1 Jun 2020

I can only come for the first 30 min!


Mon 1 Jun 2020

I may be late but I'll try not to be.


Derek Caelin
Tue 2 Jun 2020

I'm new to all this but it seems like a good opportunity to learn. I may be a minute late because a work meeting ends just as this begins.


Tue 2 Jun 2020

great! East Coast USA = 12:30


Yasuaki Kudo Tue 2 Jun 2020

What the heck I will try for fun!


Nick Sellen Wed 3 Jun 2020

Is somebody from the community side able to co-faciliate the call with me? @Matt Noyes said he was happy to help, but maybe the timing is not good. Anyone else available?

Tasks are: plan a structure for the call beforehand, facilitate during the call, write up minutes afterwards


Matt Noyes Wed 3 Jun 2020

Sorry Nick -- lots going on. I have a meeting at that time but will join as soon as I can.


Nick Sellen Wed 3 Jun 2020

no problem :) ... given I didn't actually give any time options for this one (I probably should have actually, but I just wanted to get something started)


Derek Caelin Wed 3 Jun 2020

Hi folks, how can I join the call?


Matt Noyes Wed 3 Jun 2020

Is there a link?


Yasuaki Kudo Wed 3 Jun 2020

ok i am up right now so chances are I will be sleeping in 3 hours 😅


Nick Sellen Wed 3 Jun 2020

Ah yes! A call link:

If you look in the pad, you'll see a structure I just threw together whilst drinking a beer on the porch. It's mostly about getting to know each other and seeing where we can help each other. If you have some other ideas/suggestions/improvements, let me know!

Otherwise see you there! 💗


Nick Sellen Wed 3 Jun 2020

Thanks everyone for attending, minutes are here:

date: 2020-06-03 19:30 UTC
call link: https://meet.jit.si/social.coop
facilitator: Nick (https://social.coop/@nicksellen)
note takers: Matt (@mattcropp), Emi (@emi)

  • Michel (@michel_slm) x

  • Noah (@redoak) x

  • Derek (@derek) x

  • Matt Cropp (@mattcropp) x

  • David (@idmyn) x

  • Nick Sellen (@nicksellen) x

  • Matt Noyes (@mattnoyes) x

  • Emi Do (@emi) x


  • agree duration (suggestion: 45 minutes, extended to 1h)

  • recruit note takers

  • check ins & introductions / getting to know each other (round)

    • how are you doing right now?

    • what is your current life situation?

    • what ideas/people/visions are inspiring you lately?

    • what does social.coop mean to/for you?

    • what are/were you expecting from this call?

  • what do you want to do with (and for) social.coop (round)

    • format suggestions:

      • I would love to see/do _ and for that I’m looking for help with _

      • I am inspired by _ but I have no idea what to do

      • I am lost/unsure but would love help with _

    • for 3 categories:

      • long term dreams (months/years/decades/epochs…)

        • Nick: social.coop’s tech side is running slickly, community side is running nicely, and we’re modeling how an onlince co-op can work that inspires others. Keeping energy/communications going as a need.

        • David: having capacity for building something that is non-essential but collaboratively built but that folks could enjoy

        • Noah: agree on and migrate to mastadon fork that has more options that allows local posting, explore expanding infrastructure that social.coop can maintain (agreed upon by democratically?), develop ways to contribute financially to the co-operative movement (ie tech hardware), compensating admin and upkeep work for the instance

        • Matt C: can start thinking about what additional spaces we can create/have (ie online social spaces that can be provided for members)-> get creative!, making decisions of what scale that social.coop can operate (ie staff team?), what would we direct additional resources to? , scaling capacity

        • Matt N: Discussion around questions of how social.coop could provide tools, or cooperate with other groups to come up with a shared set of tools.

        • Emi: Have social.coop become more of a testing-ground for new co-ops. Nice value-add to the community for people to feel like they’re in a supportive environment that expands and supports the co-op model.

        • Michel: feneas.org, get to a world where we don’t have to join a proprietary platform to communicate with one another,

      • medium term visions (weeks/months)

        • Nick: Flow of the tech team working would be great so there’s a sense of clear path, etc.

        • David: Having a good onboarding document that would be kept updated for the tech working group.

        • Noah: easy for folks to have transparency over processes, town crier bot for loomio,

        • Matt C: re-visit how different spaces are being used (ie git.coop is used by CWG, but not familiar), collective tools platform co-op for managing operations?,

        • Derek: I’d like to support in exploring and administrating tech services, and I’m interested in being a moderator

        • Emi: Cooler onboarding process on CWG side to do a bit better on member engagement.

      • short term actions (days/weeks)

        • Nick: Keeping stuff going - putting the minutes somewhere, scheduling calls, replying to Loomio posts, etc. Inside the tech group there’s small organizational tasks to move things to the next level.

        • David: Keep momentum going with tech stuff.

        • Noah: Knock out existing to-do list.

        • Matt C: contact between CWG and TG to occur consistently, keeping the rhythm

        • Matt N: In CWG we would love to have registration be more integrated as a process. Currently an elaborate process that could be streamlined. Practical issues it’d be great to iron out.

        • Derek: listen and learn as much as possible

        • Emi: registration and onboarding process to be streamlined. Would be great to understand what the pieces are on the back-end so can troubleshoot more effectively.

  • what can you offer for those needs? (try and be specific) (free style)

    • Nick S: helping Emi understand existing registration backend

    • Noah: follow up about registration about what the limitations are for current mastadon registration process

      • Matt C: concerns: who is getting notifcation process when someone joins? need to talk through flow and making sure current process doesn’t break

      • action? to have a follow up meeting where CWG goes over what the current needs are for registratio and whether or not the mastadon integrated registration process can work

      • whichever tech working group call follows that of CWG call, will have a CWG rep to join? list of dates for tech working group?
        -June 10th (Tech working group meeting) have a CWG rep to attend and go through registration process
        -June 11 event could be useful for thinking about long-term issues: https://open.coop/events/the-tools-of-collaboration/
        -how to build dreams while being grounded in practicalities
        -Nick S: challenges in giving people access to server to be able to participate (currently social.coop is an overgrown garden and there are a lot of plans for what to use the garden space for, but not enough help with clearing)

  • check outs (round)

outcomes / action points

  • Nick - document existing registration process to help with debugging and share with Emi (and everyone I guess…)

  • Matt C to attend next tech team meeting. (2020-06-10 19:30 UTC)

    • discussion about registration process

  • announcement: June 11 event could be useful for thinking about long-term issues: https://open.coop/events/the-tools-of-collaboration/