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How To Pick Up Women

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The art of approaching, attracting, and picking up women, has developed in the last 2 decades.

In previous years, men had no clue about how to become successful with women. They could learn from their dad, from friends, or from their personal experience. And in many cases – it just wasn’t enough.

Today, the situation is totally different, and you can consider yourself lucky. Picking up women has become the rising science of the 21st century.

And it’s not only pick-up lines. It’s even not lines and sentences to say. There are hundreds of methods and strategies to create attraction and get women who you don’t know to have sex with you.


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How Do You Approach A Girl You Don’t Know

You’re in a loud night club; hundreds of men and women are dancing, drinking and having fun around you…. And then, you see her.

She is the perfect girl for you. You love how she looks. You love her smile. You just can’t move your eyes from her boobs and ass. And again the smile. How the hell do you get to talk with her?

Forget what your friends taught you. Pick Up lines are lame and everyone uses them. Instead, there are methods to start a conversation.

Those methods are called “openers”, and they are exactly what you need – to make a girl comfortable and willing to talk with you, even if she’s never seen you before.

Openers are designed to make her curious, interested about you. They make her feel attraction towards you.

There are many of them, and as I said, these are not simple lines. It’s more of a strategy to make her talk to you. We’ll discuss openers in this blog.

Afraid To Approach?

Before we even start learning openers and methods to create attraction – are you even capable of approaching a girl you don’t know?

Almost every man in the world suffers from a terrible fear, called “approach anxiety” or “fear of approach”. Even the most confident men suffer from this fear.

But they have experience, and they easily overcome the fear. But what about you? This is probably the reason you don’t know how to pick up women – you hardly approach women at all.

However, there are solutions and ways to minimize and overcome the fear of approach. Imagine being able to approach any girl you see. Any girl you want, without having this frustrating force that stops you.

The world of pick-up has developed methods for that too.

Make Her Chase You

This is a concept that was brought to the world since the rise of the pick-up community. Instead of chasing women, like most men do – make them chase you.

There are certain things and behaviors that women are biologically attracted to. There are specific buttons that you need to push in order to make her fall in love with you think about you all night.

And when she feels attracted to you, make her chase you. Don’t be “easy to get”. If you want to be successful with women, You will be playing hard to get. Not her.

Learn How To Pick Up Women

Picking-up women, is something that can be learned. Nobody was born successful with women.

Some men, learned it (usually it’s just a coincidence) through their life experience. And the rest learned it from Pick-Up Artists (PUAs). PUAs are professional trainers, who teach men how to become successful with women.