[post] Google & Facebook are a danger for human rights (Amnesty International)

Renaud Van Eeckhout
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Following the publication of the report by Amnesty International - which you can read here, I'd like us to publish an article about it. And to make things quite easy, I recommend to just introduce the report (one or two short paragraphs) and finish by translating in French & Dutch the recommendations at the end of the report (pp.48 & following).

There is a pad for that here : https://pad.parley.be/p/amnesty-report

(this thread is about the article I'd like us to publish, if you want to comment on the content of the Amnesty report, please go in the other thread)

Renaud Van Eeckhout

Renaud Van Eeckhout November 21st, 2019 18:05

So I wrote the introduction (English & French), and translated the recommendations into French. Feel free to correct me, otherwise I'm moving on with the publishing on our website.


Renaud Van Eeckhout

Renaud Van Eeckhout November 30th, 2019 18:18

We discussed about this during today's Lab, and there was an agreement to move on with it. It will be published on our website on Dec, 10, which is the Human Rights Day. @Ilja Baert volunteered to do the translation English->Dutch.

[FR] Nous avons discuté de cet article lors du Lab du jour et il y a approbation pour publier. Ce sera donc publié le 10 décembre, qui est la Journée internationale des Droits humains. Ilja traduire en néerlandais.

Ilja Baert

Ilja Baert December 1st, 2019 15:08

Translation is done

Valerie D.

Valerie D. December 1st, 2019 18:20

nice job! 👍

I wanted to make a few suggestions in the FR translation but the pad is bugging on my browser so I am giving up...


Renaud Van Eeckhout

Renaud Van Eeckhout December 2nd, 2019 12:42

As @Ilja Baert pointed out to me, we need the permission from Amnesty to publish it (because of... copyright). I asked them, will keep you informed.

(and I also asked about one translation issue there was)

[FR] Comme Ilja me l'a fait remarquer, nous avons besoin de l'autorisation d'Amnesty pour publier (à cause du... droit d'auteur). Je leur ai demandé, je vous tiendrai au courant (et j'ai aussi posé des questions sur un problème de traduction que nous avions).

Ilja Baert

Ilja Baert December 2nd, 2019 14:35

One idea I had in the lab was to use the opportunity here to make more articles about digital privacy. In the Amnesty report we see what governments and companies can do, but not what people can do themselves. I prepared a talk once with someone about this (a talk that eventually never happened because $reason) and have now started to write an article based on the preparations we did for the talk https://pad.parley.be/p/wvl-privacy It's currently in Dutch and also not ready yet. It's also quite long, so maybe we need to split up in more articles, idk. Anyhow, feel free to read and/or contribute. The idea is that maybe we can use this as a follow-up article (or articles). I may see if I can publish it, or a variation of it, elsewhere too.

Renaud Van Eeckhout

Renaud Van Eeckhout December 10th, 2019 15:01

I don't have the knowledge to write it myself but I would back you and comment on it if needed.

Just to be clear : it's about explaining what people can do to protect themselves, but not about explaining what people can do to act as citizen (for example support us/a NGO about privacy/a campaign against privacy-killing legislation)?

Renaud Van Eeckhout

Renaud Van Eeckhout December 10th, 2019 15:03

One week later, Amnesty still hasn't replied to for today it's already dead. I suggest to wait a bit more, but if they remain silent then I'll propose to rewrite the article with our own words. Absurd this world is.

[FR] Amnesty n'a toujours pas répondu donc la publication n'aura déjà pas lieu aujourd'hui. Je propose d'attendre encore un peu plus et, s'ils restent silencieux, de réécrire l'article avec nos propres mots.

Ilja Baert

Ilja Baert December 10th, 2019 16:50

The focus is indeed more about what they can do themselves with some examples of alternatives that are out there. But I also have a bit about the importance of good legislation and contacting politicians for example. I don't think I say something about joining up with a privacy focused ngo specifically, but it can probably be added somewhere too.