Sat 5 Nov 2016

Big Challenge

Joe Public Seen by 378

Perhaps the biggest challenge before us is to "do something" that will drive engagement and growth.

I've worked in many collaborations over the years and though everyone comes to the table for the core mission statement, very quickly "details disagreement" enters the work effort and the initiative really bogs down.

I've been attempting to pass along lessons learned and new solutions innovated because of these realities, but obviously this group is not ready to step too far beyond what exists in the world today.

I offer up a new approach to try.

Let's try to establish what we agree on!

Create a reference doc, place anything we find we agree on in it, and then we have a solid foundation with which to move forward. This will also create a great starting-place doc for any newcomers to check out - to evaluate joining the group as either just a supporter or an active participant.

In searching for agreement many questions will emerge. Some will be very board and some will be detailed and specific. Most will NOT have quick agreement answers. But the questions are often as informative as the answers, so in this search for agreement a very important step is just identifying what the important questions are. Then if we prioritize these we will be in a GREAT new starting place of agreement.

What do you think?


Matt Grantham Sat 5 Nov 2016

i came here with a certain amount of reservation in agreeing to some of the propositions put forth, but as time as has gone on I have become more willing to support virtually any proposal by Joe since he has clearly stated you cannot really understand what some of these proposal will create until you are willing to hop on board and see. The huge majority has of course been silent, which has made it almost impossible for the organizers to accomplish anything Maybe a strategy should be developed for those remaining silent to become clear if they want to contribute something and are simply not a place to do that yet or are simply dead weight Perhaps a small core group that wants to be active should continue and those folks make some effort to get some others on board who want to contribute