Sat 3 Oct 2015

Post A Letter Wellington Event

Walter Kawikaka'iulani Aipa Public Seen by 283

Kia ora whānau
My mate Mahina Baker is putting on a really cool event and wanted to know if she could use Tory St space this Tuesday from 530-730p. Her original venue is too small for the amount of people that want to attend.
I see that Homies booked the space but I wanted to know if this event was still going on...?

Open to any outcomes.



Walter Kawikaka'iulani Aipa Sat 3 Oct 2015

That's the link to Mahina's FB event. :)


Murdoch Sun 4 Oct 2015

Hey @walterkawikakaiulani it is a film night. It starts at 7pm so if you chatted to @naomismith she can let you know if it is possible to use it beforehand. :)


Walter Kawikaka'iulani Aipa Sun 4 Oct 2015

@murdoch much mahalo! I'll harass @naomismith as well :)