Wed 14 Oct 2015

Submission 5: Resiliency Education App

Shadrock Roberts Public Seen by 260

Our aim is to create an app that strengthens citizen engagement/knowledge on key sustainability and resiliency challenges facing Boulder. In the face of environmental, social & economic challenges exacerbated by changing climate conditions: there is a need for an increase in community engagement, preparedness, and solutions to not only bounce-back, but to bounce-forward (in reference to 100 Resilient Cities).

To fill the gaps in resiliency education, the app serves as a platform to pair ‘mentors’ that have expertise in the above topics (and beyond), and community members that have an interest in learning about these issues from fellow citizens/organizations. The key is to disseminate knowledge & solutions that are helpful to individuals, neighborhoods, and non-profits. To act as a catalyst for a stronger community & to develop a network of resiliency stewards.

App components: User profiles for ‘mentors’ that specify expertise/interest (e.g. a tech professional discussing the food, energy, water nexus). A forum for individuals to post desired workshops (e.g. skills for a career transition; wildfire prevention measures). Matching mentors & members both online & in the community. A forum for citizens to engage and exchange a flow of ideas and discussions. To facilitate scheduling and space (e.g. partnering with Simple Energy; Rally Software). Creating an open-source API that can be scaled and used by NGO’s or the City to expand knowledge base, locate leaders & advance their mission(s).

Applications: Can be used as an extension to the current outreach programs the City of Boulder’s Climate & Sustainability Division provides. Measures of success: creating a relevant tool to consistently match mentors/members in the community, adoption of API usage, and tracking development through data analytics and direct feedback from app users.

In a nutshell: an innovative app at the intersection of technology & sustainability to create a brighter, more resilient Boulder.


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Violet Alexandre
Wed 14 Oct 2015

I like this idea. I believe some real thought needs to be put to user adoption strategies and will be interested to see how the group addresses this.


Aaron Titus
Wed 14 Oct 2015

This sounds good, but I would want to identify why this isn't already being done on existing platforms, such as Craigslist or Meetup, and ensure this app is different. Sounds similar to the Be My Eyes model.


Jennifer Zawacki
Thu 15 Oct 2015


Shadrock Roberts
Thu 15 Oct 2015


Geri Mitchell-Brown
Sun 18 Oct 2015


Jennifer Zawacki Thu 15 Oct 2015

I love this idea, but agree with the above comments about user adoption and overlap with existing platforms / exchanges. I do think a key point of differentiation is working with local companies to provide meeting space.


Shadrock Roberts Thu 15 Oct 2015

I also like this idea a lot but agree that there may be existing platforms that could be better leveraged to do this. Still this type of grass-roots information sharing and "pairing" of community capacity is really worthwhile. Has the City of Boulder’s Climate & Sustainability Division agreed to use this or is that only a suggestion? Having a dedicated partner to pilot this would greatly strengthen the idea.


Angela Oduor Lungati Mon 19 Oct 2015

Sounds like a great idea - but it would be great to highlight(as mentioned above) - how different it is from pre-existing tools that foster engagement.