Wed 2 Nov 2016

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Thread dedicated to Off-topic or One-off Comments. Loomio is mainly designed for hosting topic-based discussions. However, sometimes you just want to make a one-off comment, share a link, or have a casual discussion that doesn’t need its own dedicated thread. Please use The Wall for posting this type of content so we can reduce the number of distracting or unnecessary threads posted to the group. This will make the list of threads on the main page shorter and easier to navigate. This is a "best practice" and explained in the Loomio Blog.


Betsy Avila Wed 2 Nov 2016

Good thinking. :thumbsup:


Matt Grantham Wed 2 Nov 2016

Thanks for providing a space outside of the proposal discussions I am interested in what people think are the affiliated issues with our discussion of cooperative and proposal prioritizing I cant say I am able to separate out my opinions form these suggestions so this is not really an an objective attempt

A few months ago i met a young lady doing workshops here in Napa on non violent communication based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg I am still not sure what I think of it, but any groups, and especially those who consider themselves on the progressive end of the spectrum, seem to be moving towards various disciplines of discussion which are mediated by this strategy or others which keep discussion from devolving into familiar negative patterns For myself I know when I consider putting myself out there as an organizer at the local level, I feel compelled to be both clear in my mind and body, and in my lifestyle in terms of walking the walk I am suggesting in my activism As a topic for consideration, I would loosely call this topic self preparedness for interaction with others as an organizer/activist,

Second suggested area is some designation of scale between the local and larger systems of political and economic organization After a few years of trying to work on large issues at the so called macro level, I have found the effort basically impenetrable and have found attempts at local organizing to be in some ways a better option. If we were to gather resources in any manner I believe looking at communities which have been successful in organizing local economic systems and the dissemination of information through local capacities, it might be a worthy effort Austin Texas, Vancouver BC and maybe even our little neighbor of Napa's, Davis California,might be some worthy examples of what can happen

Third, and this is a bit more ambiguous, would be roughly the new innovative formats for organizing economies and consumption, The question of scale again arises with ideas like B corps, triple bottom line, socially conscious investing, being tied more to existing macro economic institutions and then ideas such as the share, and gift economy and their cousins time banks,CSA's community currency and the like being more closely tied applications tethered to local approaches However no one can seriously discuss the advent of the share economy without also looking at the question of the platforms being run by distant corporate entities as opposed to the potential of cooperative, and perhaps locally based, platform operators

Fourth, the last point begins to touch on technology and perhaps even copyright in a sense. A lot of fertile ground here in terms of discussion, Personally the ideas of Jeremy Rikfin and his idea of near zero marginal production cost and Ivan Ilich in terms of the effects of technology upon society have been pivotal for me. open souse information such as that discussed by Richard Stallman as well as creative commons licensing created by Lawrence Lessig have places in our discussions. At least in theory they could have

               Matt Grantham

John Rhoads Wed 2 Nov 2016

Excellent post!


John Rhoads Wed 2 Nov 2016

@betsyavila ever since I posted a question about thread maintenance in Loomio Community here, I have been in communication with Rich Bartlett, one of the Loomio developers, about a new thread tagging feature they are testing out. Rich offered to let me test it out on the Phoenix group which you are a member of. So, we can see what it does and if it is something useful we can implement it on the Democracy at Work Group. I'll keep you up to date.


Joe Sun 6 Nov 2016


Thank you to all who have been brave enough to start to dance with me. This is NOT about me. You are the most important participants in this dance we are attempting to do together.


Matt Grantham Mon 7 Nov 2016

John Thanks for the positive response

Joe- Amazing that video has 4 million views and it certainly has that simplicity that can be so deep at the same time