facility to like a comment

ZA zaxebo1@gmail.com Public Seen by 67

currently we can only "like" a post, but when someone has commented on the post - then we can not "like" it ,as of now.
Please add this feature of liking individual comment on a post.


Rasmus Fuhse Mon 26 Jan 2015

Are you going to implement this?


zaxebo1@gmail.com Mon 26 Jan 2015

@jhass : i read the link you suggested and it is not similar to as which i have suggested.

I searched too, but none of those feature request are similar to - as which i have suggested

My request is just about "liking" not a post, but pressing "like" button on a particular comment on a post. I am not able to understand how this relates to saving preset streams.


zaxebo1@gmail.com Mon 26 Jan 2015

@rasmusfuhse : no , right now no. I am just trying to put across my first ideas


Rasmus Fuhse Mon 26 Jan 2015

Well, actually loomio is not a service center where you can bring in new ideas and other people will code them. Sadly. As you see through my link we already have had a proposal to like comments, but that never really changed something. If someone wants to work on it, he or she can start with it immediately. And the proposal wouldn't even be needed to start coding.

The lifecycle of a feature is not "proposal, implementation, integration", it is "implementation, integration" and we only need loomio and its proposals if we discover some unsolved questions and want to ask the community how to solve this.


Armando Lüscher Mon 26 Jan 2015

@zaxebo1 I am missing the comment liking too, it seems natural to me to be able to show my appreciation to a good comment with a "Like".

@rasmusfuhse Thanks a lot for that info. It's starting to make more sense to me now how changes get made. I thought the proposal and voting would be needed to start implementing a change, as without the consensus of the community, the change might not be integrated.
So thanks for letting me / us know that this is not a prerequisite.


goob Mon 26 Jan 2015

@zaxebo1 it would be worth reading this page on how Loomio works before making more proposals (there's a link to this page on the home page of this Loomio group).

The reason it is not possible to like comments is because it was blowing up the data tables of larger pods, so it had to be removed for performance reasons. It is not because the feature is not wanted. When a way has been found to get around this technical issue, the feature will most probably be reintroduced. See this wiki page for a bit more information.


Jonne Haß Mon 26 Jan 2015

@zaxebo1 copy pasted the wrong link, sorry. @rasmusfuhse got the right one ;)