Sat 20 Jan 2018

Reading Group Logistics

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A thread for meeting scheduling, process discussion, etc.


Poll Created Sat 20 Jan 2018

What should the sub-group's privacy be set to? Closed Thu 25 Jan 2018

by Matthew Cropp Fri 26 Jan 2018

Looks like a significant majority favor public, so I will change the settings accordingly.


Results Option % of points Voters
Public (anyone can find and join the group) 83.3% 5 MC LS MK EM JT
Private (participants may apply, and must be approved by an admin) 16.7% 1 GSF
Secret (participants must be invited to the group) 0.0% 0  
Undecided 0% 4 MN MDB A M

6 of 10 people have voted (60%)


Neil - @neil@social.coop Sat 20 Jan 2018

Public (anyone can find and join the group)

I would imagine anyone who takes the time to find the group and chooses to join is obviously keen and motivated, so I wouldn't imagine any approvals process is needed.


Leo Sammallahti Sun 21 Jan 2018

Public (anyone can find and join the group)

I would love to hear the reasoning for private those advocating private participation. I agree with Neil for the reasoning behind making this public.


Leo Sammallahti Sun 21 Jan 2018

Public (anyone can find and join the group)

I would be happy to hear the reasoning for private participation. I agree with Neil for the reasoning behind making this public.


Neil - @neil@social.coop Mon 5 Feb 2018

Reading through the logistics more closely ;) - as this is the first book, it seems a bit of a special case.

The lead time is 2 months per book.

Ordinarily, there would be a meeting every month. But not this time, as there's no previous book.
So the first discussion meeting is 2 months from now. However, we should still be picking the next book in 1 month.

* I'll schedule in a call two months from now
* I'll schedule in a poll for the next book 1 month from now

Does that sound right?

(I'll also schedule in some text chats, maybe once a fortnight, perhaps once a week if there's demand, and promote some discussion in Loomio/social.coop.)

Pointers welcome, first time doing this :)


Matt Noyes Tue 6 Feb 2018

Neil, sounds good.

Maybe the first meeting could be in a month, with a subsequent
lead time of two months?

It would be cool if we could have some kind of progress meter, so
we could track progress of the group members, not to pressure
people but to see where we all are...

Will we do chats on Matrix? Calls on Jitsi?


Neil - @neil@social.coop Tue 6 Feb 2018

A month would be fine for me - and the current book is quite short at 160 pages so that should be OK.

(As an aside, I'm still not certain though, is the plan for the group to discuss a book every month or every two months?)

I'll start a Loomio thread for the book in the Reading Group subgroup.

For progress I'll estimate what chapters we need to read each week to finish the book in time for the call.

Once a week I'll post a reminder to the thread saying 'How is everyone doing - managed to read those chapters' and then some kind of prelude to the chapters for the next week. And to perhaps summarise any async discussion that's taken place so far. People people can self-report progress if they would like to, but no pressure. Not too fussed about anything more technical than that. And everyone can of course read at their own pace - just a helpful reminder!

My thoughts on using different channels for discussion:
* Loomio thread: async chat, anyone can drop a comment or a question in any time they want
* mastodon: anyone fires off a toot about the book as they're reading through and thoughts come up, tag it with #readinggroup, encourages freeform discussion, but I suggest we keep an eye on it in case the local timeline just gets overloaded with reading group chat. Suggest that mastodon is more content based, Loomio more admin based. I'll post a weekly reminder on mastodon with a link to the Loomio thread where I've mentioned upcoming chapters.
* matrix - maybe a scheduled sync chat halfway through the month?
* jitsi - use it to host the call at the end of the month. I like jitsi but depending on the number of people planning to attend the call, we might need something more robust e.g. zoom.
* wiki - would be good to keep a record of our collective thoughts, so I'll try to capture the essence of the discussions and debates on the wiki and others can add/edit.

All of the above being optional of course, but there if people want to get involved.


Anyway, I'll get it started and we'll see how it evolves.


Matthew Cropp Tue 6 Feb 2018

I think roughly a book a month would be good, though if people feel that's too ambitious I'd be down for every other as well...


Erik Moeller Tue 6 Feb 2018

A month sounds good for this one. The first one will give us a good sense of our group velocity, and of course it's dependent on the book (# of pages, print size, academic vs. popular writing). So I suggest we determine the goal on a per-book basis.


Neil - @neil@social.coop Tue 6 Feb 2018

I've pencilled some tentative dates in for the call. Not sure we'll find one time that suits all as I get the impression we have a good spread across continents. One option could be - host two calls. It'd be good though first to get a picture of who would want to join a voice/video call, and timezone, so I'll start a check on that.


Matthew Cropp Tue 6 Feb 2018

Part of the thinking about having the book suggester host is that, as we are dispersed, we can't expect everyone to make it to synchronous calls, but rotating among hosts will mean no region is permanently favored.


Neil - @neil@social.coop Tue 6 Feb 2018

Ah great, yes that makes sense.


Michel Alexandre Salim Tue 27 Feb 2018

Hi @doubleloop - it's getting closer to the scheduled call, are there details about what exact channel we're using etc. ?

I might have to install some software / sign up for some accounts to join so it'd be good to know in advance. Thanks!


Neil - @neil@social.coop Sun 4 Mar 2018

Hi Michel - sorry for the delay in replying.

I think we should use Jitsi. It is very low friction for access as it is web-based - no installer or registration needed - and unlike appear.in it allows more than 4 participants for free.

We will use the following URL then: https://meet.jit.si/socialcoop

I'd recommend giving Jitsi a test in advance if you can.

Sometimes performance can be slow especially as the number of participants increases. We can mitigate this somewhat by turning off video.

It's always good to have a backup plan. Unfortunately pretty much every call I've ever been on has at least 1 participant for whom something doesnt work. If it's less than a quarter of participants that can't use voice/video, I suggest we live with that and those that can't can hopefully still participate via the in-built chat in Jitsi.

If more than 1/4 of participants can't speak via jitsi, then I'd suggest we switch to a Plan B of zoom.us. This does require a login and a software install but is designed for conference calls and usually has pretty consistent results. I'd recommend everyone who is happy to, to sign up and install the software in advance in case we need it.

Other options with reasons I didn't suggest them:
* riot.im social.coop chat room video chat: it requires an account creation, and I believe uses Jitsi behind the scenes, so simplest just to go with plain jitsi in the browser no?
* Hangouts: requires a google account which some people may not have/want.
* Skype: owned by Microsoft.

Open to other suggestions.



Neil - @neil@social.coop Mon 12 Mar 2018

I've started the ranked choice for the 2nd selection. A couple of notes:

  • The random generator in the spreadsheet generated 7 books, one of which is a duplicate. I picked the first 5 from the selection to go into the ranked choice.
  • I followed the format of the 1st vote, i.e. choose 3 from a selection of 5. Though I've just noticed the notes on the group landing page say we'll select from 8. I guess we should either update that, or select from 8 next time ;) 5 seems fine though?

Matthew Cropp Fri 3 Aug 2018

@michelekipiel Could you edit the schedule poll to close within the next few days? At present, it won't give us an answer until right before the first dates, which doesn't give any time to reserve space on calendars.


Michele Kipiel Fri 3 Aug 2018

Ooops sorry I must have messed up the poll end date!


Matthew Cropp Fri 17 Aug 2018

@michelekipiel can you create an RSVP check poll with the call coordinates?


For Values at Work, the original publication date is 1999. The Updated Edition is 2002. My library system has the original. Amazon.com sells the Updated Edition for $25. I wonder what’s in the update. Which version are y’all reading? Should I get the newer version?


Matthew Cropp Sat 4 Aug 2018

I think I ordered the 1999 version, but I'll check when it arrives...


Hey yall, GIVEN THAT we have survived Social.Coop’s September/October changes and that we have a date for discussing Values At Work (It is December 2018). I propose we start decision making for our BOOK SELECTION for the book that we will read this season and discuss in January or February 2019. :books: :books: :books:


Matt Noyes Mon 5 Nov 2018

Great! Do you want to initiate it this time? Matt C's instructions are really clear.