Fri 11 Dec 2020

Quarterly Project 2021Q1 ideas

Cj Malone Public Seen by 66

It's almost time to make a decision on the next QP, please post your ideas here.

I think projects that can be mapped remotely are the way to go.


Cj Malone Fri 11 Dec 2020

Green spaces

Parks, allotments, play grounds etc.


Cj Malone Fri 11 Dec 2020

Vaccination centres

These areas are about to get a lot of people passing through them, it would be good it we could have them really well mapped. A kind of show case for how good OSM can be.


Edward Bainton Tue 5 Jan

I've been reading the thread upwards. This is definitely my first preference: it could really show off what OSM is capable of - and with the speed of Govt announcements, possibly we're the only outfit that can respond to the changes fast enough.


Paul Oldham Fri 11 Dec 2020

OSM Ireland have been making huge strides on mapping of buildings as an ongoing project over there using a management tool whose name I forget but is good and easy to use. The numbers of new buildings we're now seeing when we do a new import are quite staggering.

There are still a surprisingly large number missing from the the UK too. It's seldom that I look at aerial photography to sort out another feature and don't find myself also adding buildings. So can I suggest we go back to basics and look at buildings.

This also has the merit that it's easy to do remotely.


Cj Malone Fri 11 Dec 2020

Are you talking about this? It's HOT's Task Manager, we are thinking about setting up our own, or piggy backing on somebody else's instance.


Paul Oldham Fri 11 Dec 2020

Yup, that's the one. I've done quite a lot of building mapping in Ireland, both north and south, using that.


Richard Fairhurst Fri 11 Dec 2020

Green spaces would be good. I've been working on a project with the University of Oxford and Oxfordshire County Council that has created some (openly licensed, crowdsourced) greenspace data for Oxfordshire that we could use. There's also the OS Open Greenspace dataset which would be a useful spur for on-the-ground mapping - i.e. compare OS and OSM to see what's missing, then go out and survey it.


Nick Ananin Sat 12 Dec 2020

Agree that green spaces need to be properly mapped. The big question is that some urban areas that are green spaces don't fall into regular tags (park etc.). Not even sure that 'village green' is regularly used, In urban settings there are lots of patches of green that are not easily designated so are missed out.


Edward Bainton Tue 5 Jan

Also agree this would be good. Possibly linking up with the Open Spaces Society? (I'm a member)


Edward Bainton Thu 11 Feb

Slight thread-fork, but just to let you all know I received an email from the Open Spaces Society (oss.org) in response to mine: they'd like to be involved and their case officer will be in touch, but due to workload that won't be for a few weeks. (cc Talk-GB)


Yorvik Prestigitor Fri 11 Dec 2020

Could we map Community Centres and similar public buildings eg village halls? This would be a useful resource especially as many commercial online maps focus on commercial buildings. We could also combine this with mapping the buildings where Polling Stations are situated which would also be useful to do before the next election (they often use the same venues again and again), I don't know if the governments list of polling station venues is opensource. I wouldn't map them as polling stations just make sure the building the polling station will be in is on the map.


Robert Whittaker Sun 13 Dec 2020

I like the idea of green spaces. There are some data sets that might be useful: OS Open Green Space (although not always accurate) and Natural England's CRoW Access Land data. Both of these can be viewed on https://raggedred.net/openover/ .

Also if we did have this as a project, I wonder if we could persuade Fields in Trust to let us have access to their database of playing fields that they protect. There's a search feature on their site at http://www.fieldsintrust.org/ but no bulk download available.


Brian Prangle Fri 18 Dec 2020

How about adding buildings and landuse (postcodes maybe too?) at the ends of all those service roads that Amazon Logistics have been adding?


Cj Malone Fri 18 Dec 2020

Amazon is intending on working on building details themselves starting in 2021, I don't know the details but hopefully they'll do some decent work. We could try and time a QP with them. Does anyone have a contact at Amazon?

I do like the idea of checking landuse=construction, or using data from Barratts and equivalent to help ensure OSM is as up to date as we can be.


Gareth L Wed 6 Jan

I also think building outlines are a good idea as they enable + refine a lot of other quarterly project topics.

We’ve had a huge step up in aerial imagery in the past year. Could the land registry tiles data help with this too?

OSM-ie have made excellent use of the tasking manager to focus building mapping in specified areas. That approach could help direct and motivate.

Additionally, it should be rather suitable considering the various restrictions across the UK so that those shielding can participate too.


Cj Malone Mon 4 Jan

I'll start a poll in the next few days, but until then does anyone have any more ideas? Or any previous proposals that we should be considering?




Edward Bainton Tue 5 Jan

I'll send this round the Talk-GB list, too, but on the strength of a conversation with a Tesco delivery man yesterday, new housing developments would get a vote from me - with a view to persuading more delivery firms of the value of open data.


Cj Malone Sun 10 Jan

I would be really interested in knowing which delivery companies use OSM. Amazon obviously, but do Hermes too? Mapbox customers do, like dpd. I'm pretty sure PALLEX partners do too. I've no idea about the supermarkets, but I'll have to start asking them when I see them.


Robert Whittaker Tue 5 Jan

With the new lockdown just announced, perhaps a focus on local green spaces and cut-through paths that could be used by people for exercise near their homes would be good. This would be an opportunity to try to get some publicity and attract new mappers, long the lines of "help us map the paths you like to use and the places you go to, so they're available to everyone".


Humez Wed 6 Jan

I know solar panels have been mentioned before. There are a number of things that could be done to improve the solar panel data on OSM such as turning nodes into mapped areas, updated tags to ensure the number of panels are included, map new solar panels ect. This mostly, if not all, could be done remotely to ensure that no-one is breaking any 'laws' to survey.

Also, I know that the solar data on OSM is very useful to some organisations.


Cj Malone started a dot vote Sun 10 Jan

Preferred Q1 project Closed Wed 13 Jan

by Cj Malone Thu 14 Jan

Well, with an even split between Green Spaces and Buildings, we've decided that Q1 will be Green Spaces. Q2 will probably be Buildings unless something else more timely comes up.

I'm setting up some MapRoulette challenges here, more ideas and data are welcome.

21 - Green spaces (Parks, allotments, play grounds, etc)
10 - Vaccination centres (Micro mapping area + adding POIs)
21 - Buildings (New residantial areas + areas that are currently lacking)
5 - Community Centres/Polling Stations
8 - Revisit solar panels (Notes -> Ways, more coverage, more detailed tagging)
6 - EV charging points
4 - Public transport (stops + routes)
1 - Disabled parking

trigpoint Fri 15 Jan

The maproulette task for playgrounds could do with a tweak. It is including skateboarding areas which are mapped as leisure=pitch sport=skateboard and therefore generating false positives.


Cj Malone Fri 15 Jan

I think I've managed to remove more than 900 tasks by conflating ways leisure=pitch sport=skateboard. Thanks.


I've done a video about the project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vDMLLsGvZ0
It briefly mentions playgrounds but focuses on allotments in Map Roulette.