Sat 11 Jul 2015

Tools for empathic debate, systemic thinking and broadening horizons

Barnaby Flynn Public Seen by 219

What do people think of the possibility of creating a tool bar menu which included emoticons based on thinking tools?

Systemicons help people consider how widespread, how systemic and global a problem is and how systemic its solution needs to be. They also help people realise their connections with others around the world.

Empathicons help groups of people look at a problem from the same angle at the same time rather than from opposing angles. Empathicons

(PS. I am creating a spreadsheet of functions of a few democratic OSs to work out which platform would be the best to use to create 15 global policies for Global People Power . I have also been reading up on scalability. I will probably have to globally interlink many local groups through, hopefully, Occupy and People’s Assemblies including a global element to their creative demands/policy making.)


Joum Sat 11 Jul 2015

Hi. Your link to Global People power didn't work, but I found it anyway.
I am not a developer but I think that those who are probably have plenty of things they are already working on. I have come to the realisation that - to create software or add to existing software, you have to be able to contribute yourself. I have lots to learn before I am able to do that. It is so important that we learn at least a little about software development.
Perhaps there is already a loomio effort to create what you describe? They have a few sub groups from this Community that share these activities.
But what I really want to know is do you have a loomio group for Global People Power. The real achievements for these kinds of things happen when you get lots of people working together. I would love to see what you are doing and join a loomio group if you have one.


Alanna Irving Sun 12 Jul 2015

This has been suggested before and is in the backlog here: https://trello.com/c/1gCVxeA8

I think it's a good idea... anything to help communication online more human.


Barnaby Flynn Mon 13 Jul 2015

Hello Alanna,
Yes, for emotions.
Thank you.


Barnaby Flynn Mon 13 Jul 2015

Hello Joum
Thanks for your suggestions. I would love to learn it but I don't have the time to become a polymath, just yet.

There is a loomio group but I have not invited anyone yet. About to.


Barnaby Flynn Mon 13 Jul 2015

I am researching the best platform to use for Global People Power and creating a spreadsheet of the functions of a few platforms. (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/102LCJrymHpJ8FiDDYRIU0T2y5A2_0TasMbFVPj3YHGo/edit#gid=0)

In order to make scaling in Loomio easier to handle I was thinking of splitting every 1000 new Pioneers (members) into groups. I initially thought of creating local groups but I now think it would be better if people were dispersed around the world instead. They could feedback their top 15 global policies into a central hub where adaptations and amendments could be made. What do people think of this idea?

Why are DemocracyOS and Liquid Feedback considered better for large scale processes than Loomio?


Adam Jorlen Wed 15 Jul 2015

Love the systemicons!


Barnaby Flynn Wed 15 Jul 2015

Thanks Adam. I plan to use them face-to-face for this event: From Magna Carta to Real Global Democracy