Walk the Talk - Community Democracy Roll Out

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As you know many of us have been working to mobilise the XR network to invigorate Community Democracy.

Many of you have been advising from a distance but now we invite you to join our teams, now we have ideas and plan we need to make it manifest!

We have some important inaugral subgroup meetings this week. At this stage we are looking for people who will take on tasks and action points, not just give opinions.

What's going on ?

You can see our draft plan here - Draft plan and approach (draft being the emphasis here)

What's happening this week? How can you get involved?

If you are interested in joining a sub group and joining this exciting, regenerative and world transforming project - Please fill in the "When2Meets" below by Sunday morning 10am and we will send out meeting times. New members are very very welcome! Now is a good time to join in.

Otherwise join the Mattermost channel which can be found on https://bit.ly/ComDemLib and get in touch

The Community Democracy Roll Out meeting will be on Wednesday at 10am (message me if you want a zoom link) for LSD, Content, Media and Messaging and Collaboration team.

Local Support/Development (LSD) + Talks and Trainings

Weekly Tuesdays 15:30 (Starting 11th Feb)

Finance + Fundraising

Collaboration + Advisory group

Democratic Integrity and Guardianship

Note that there are other groups in the proposed restructure document that don't have their own meetings set up yet. Proposed Structure of FDC

Thanks for your patience and looking forward to working together to make this pop off


Julie Hutchison Sat 1 Feb

Hi Vishal,

Can you send me a zoom link to the Wednesday morning zoom call please, I think I'm interested in the LSD and have completed the when2meet form. I'm interested in getting more women and under represented groups into local democracy , and also looking at what issues face particular areas. My mobile is 07759 193451 should you want to talk

All the vest,

Julie Hutchison

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Lawrence Morgan Mon 3 Feb

@Vishal @greg frey I think I would be interested in Local Support/Development (LSD) + Talks and Trainings . I have entered availability onto the when2meet for LSD. my number is 07565702896


Vishal Mon 3 Feb

**Community Democracy Events and Meetings this week!** (3rd Feb)


For new people - **An introduction to the project** Tuesday 19:30 https://zoom.us/j/426182744 https://www.facebook.com/events/173073414000676/

For initiated folk - **an exploration to deepen our understanding and ability to communicate community democracy** Weds 19:30 https://zoom.us/j/237083092 https://www.facebook.com/events/2472638326282020/


**Community democracy All Group Check in and updates**

_A good time to find out what the team is up to and how you can get involved, members of the team will be available half an hour before and half an hour after the call to help get you connected_

Wednesday 5th at 10:00-11:30


**Sub group meetings**

_New team members welcome!!_

For those who have time and capacity to contribute to any subgroups (scheduled by @gregfrey who saved my ass when I forgot - that's the kind of supportive and caring team you are joining!!!)

**Finance/Fundraising/Timeline** Tuesday 4th at 11:00-12:00


**Collaboration (i.e. confluence)** Tuesday 4th at 14:00-15:00


**Local Support and Development** Friday 7th at 12:30-14:00 https://zoom.us/j/857533812

**Democratic Integrity and Guardianship** Friday 7th at 15:00-16:00


**Content** Tuesday 11th at 15:30-17:00



Vishal Mon 3 Feb


In terms of getting more women involved we are also planning to have specific working groups to help us deepen our embodiment of "Feminisation of Politics" - this will fit within the "Democratic integrity and guardianship group.


Simon Parker Mon 3 Feb

I'm in. I work for a council so see democracy from that angle, and am currently trying to improve it. I guess I'm best situated in the collaboration group so hope I'll see you there tomorrow.