Public Mobilisation

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This group will complement the work done around policy and advocacy, as well as monitoring and accountability. This is a space to act together when the time is right. We will provide timely opportunities for mobilisation and link to dynamic movements that are able to push for change.

Examples of activities:

  • Encourage civil society to adopt a broad, cross-cutting theme to promote engagement of various actors around a common vision e.g. “leave no one behind”
  • Coordinate (global) public mobilisation around key moments on thematic areas, such as climate change, oceans, access to clean water etc.
  • Host a public-facing website that would signpost action opportunities provided by participating organisations.
  • Capacity-building of actors to strengthen campaigning skills and capacity and enable broader engagement and easier activation when mobilization moments occur

1st Webinar for Working Group - 14 April (Register)


Coordinator started a proposal Tue 19 Jan 2016

Are you planning public mobilisation activities over the next six months related to the SDGs and/or climate change commitments? Closed Mon 8 Feb 2016

If yes/agree, please explain the type of activity(s) in the discussion thread below

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Thu 21 Jan 2016

developing online tools to facilitate public participation in the implementation of the SDGs and climate commitments


DOSSE SOSSOUGA Wed 17 Feb 2016

Yes, this our programme


DOSSE SOSSOUGA Wed 17 Feb 2016

Yes, this is our programme