Sun 1 Mar 2015 8:42PM


EL Elliot Lepers Public Seen by 289

I can see many discussions on code, but very few about design. What would you think about creating a group dedicated to this (huge) task ? Do you have names to suggest of people to involve ?
As a designer myself, I would be ok to be part of a small operational team.


Faldrian Sun 1 Mar 2015 9:03PM

I'm happy to see a designer find the way here - welcome! :)
Most of us are only good in coding, so if you need something like a group here or so... I think that will be doable. And if you might take a organizing or forward-pushing role on the design front, we won't say no. :D


Elliot Lepers Mon 2 Mar 2015 12:39PM

Thank you for the link ! As it was 11 months old, I thought it was best to start again, but I wrote an email to Pablo.


goob Mon 2 Mar 2015 1:45PM

There's also this proposal to create a UI task force. It'll be good to have another designer on the team!


Ivan Gabriel Morén Mon 2 Mar 2015 2:28PM

I'm definitely in if it's okay, but we need somewhere to discuss. Diaspora doesn't have groups, and just going with PM:s won't work as we can't add more people to them. Discussing everything on Loomio isn't an elegant solution either, and I think we're safe to assume that not all want to go over to fb or G+. I'd say we open up a github repo or something :)


Faldrian Mon 2 Mar 2015 2:33PM

That would be good... or use a combination of IRC and the wiki at https://wiki.diasporafoundation.org/Main_Page (you could create pages as you like as long as you don't mess up existing things and maybe have some sense when naming them).


Elliot Lepers Mon 2 Mar 2015 2:39PM

Great !
Don't you use Slack ?


Faldrian Mon 2 Mar 2015 2:44PM

As far as I know nobody here uses slack.

Use what you like... but a self-hosted or maybe well etablished solution (like wiki, irc) would be more safe to use than a service that may be shut down or unavailable without having some influence in that.


Ivan Gabriel Morén Mon 2 Mar 2015 2:54PM

@faldrian The beauty with github is that one can comment and discuss issues, PRs and commits :) irc channel will probably be needed. Could we have a wiki-page referring to the design docs that are being written on github?


Faldrian Mon 2 Mar 2015 2:56PM

You could also have a wiki page in the official wiki describing and advertising your endeavour for fellow designers, pointing our where to find your github-repository and IRC-channel and participate. :)

I'm all for using github for this... :)


Jason Robinson Mon 2 Mar 2015 5:16PM

Welcome @elliotlepers ! Self organization is the key here :) You guys should definitely get together maybe on IRC or just here and organize yourselves on how things work best for design stuff. Create wiki pages for the "team" and so on. Would totally love a small team to self-organize for some better collaboration on the design stuff.


Ivan Gabriel Morén Mon 2 Mar 2015 8:54PM

Allright, is #diaspora-design @ irc.freenode.net okay? I think we should get this thing rolling :)


Pablo Cúbico Tue 17 Mar 2015 2:46PM

Hi all, I've been way too busy this past month, the proposal is still going and I've been working on some mockups for some incremental UX polishing on the current codebase.

Will get in touch more often from now, and on the IRC channel too.


Pablo Cúbico Tue 17 Mar 2015 2:50PM

@elliotlepers never got your e-mail, sorry! I'll look for it.


[deactivated account] Tue 17 Mar 2015 5:17PM

@hola : Hey ! Thats cool ! Header is almost finished. I'll need a piece of advice regarding the design.


Pablo Cúbico Tue 17 Mar 2015 5:35PM

Yes! And I have a crazy new design that needs your feedback. Based on that CSS you liked.


[deactivated account] Tue 17 Mar 2015 5:54PM

Can't wait to see that !


Pablo Cúbico Fri 20 Mar 2015 2:18AM

Hey guys! I was speaking to Steffen and jhass, and Steffen had this idea of posting a call for participation on the Diaspora HQ account asking people for Diaspora redesign ideas.

These are some screenshots from my working pod:


But those were meant to actually run on the current code, we will ask users for something with a much broader spectrum, to gather feedback on what they want, what they like, what they hate, etc.

So, what do you think about a Diaspora HQ post with something like:

"Hey, we are planning to do a redesign and we are collecting feedback.
Here are some ideas from Pablo Cúbico.
What do you think about them?
What are your ideas?

If you have mockups of any kind, even handwritten ones, post them with the hashtag #diaspora-redesign

We are looking forward to see your ideas!"


Jason Robinson Fri 20 Mar 2015 6:34AM

Yes I think that would be a good idea. The only problem is collecting the ideas and transferring them to somewhere. The DiasporaHQ account doesn't federate well, so comments might not all reach back to it.. So I would rather have people submit ideas and comments somewhere else, as weird as that sounds. Or we just collect the ones get back ;)

But in the end, that should just be feedback. The actual decisions should imho be made by the design team and then accepted or rejected by the community. We can't and won't be able to please everyone.

Great work btw! I like it. It is very different, but more modern. And the skinning idea would allow for different tastes. I would love to have the change skin buttons always visible for quick mood changes ;)


Dumitru Ursu Fri 20 Mar 2015 9:48AM

I like that it spans the whole screen. I think this would be a problem on really big screens, but that probably can be tuned with a simple CSS media query.

I agree with @jasonrobinson, pleasing everyone is impossible, and the design should be made by the design team, based on the feedback - as opposed to incorporate step-by-step different ideas we receive: this will lead us to the Frankenstein monster of social networks, instead of something beautiful and integrated.

There are a couple of suggestions I want to make:
1. the structure of the site could be more streamlined (or maybe a more exact word would be the navigation; you know, where the links to various parts of the site are, in how many steps can someone reach the profile editing page, and so on so forth) - maybe we should gather some metrics on how exactly we should do that, but at the moment is quite a mess.
2. the chat should be a more prominent feature. That's one of the feature I use the most, alongside with browsing the stream for pictures of silly cats. This means it should not be hidden in a drawer on the right - it's barely discoverable this way.
Also, from a technical standpoint, and UX - we have some problems with the conversations feature of the platform, because now it has feature overlap with the chat. @jhass - maybe we should drop conversations altogether? XMPP is an old, federated, and pretty solid protocol.


[deactivated account] Fri 20 Mar 2015 10:38AM

I take the oppotunity of this discussion to propose a new design for the header. It seems like the few design changes I made on it are one of the blocking point of my PR.

So, I want to take the temparature on this. If the feedback is not globally positive, I'll open a proposal so we can vote.

Here is how it looked like before :

and here is how it looks now :

The key design changes are :

  • no more shadow at the bottom of the header,
  • the searchbar is higher and squared like the bootstrap's button are,
  • the notifications dropdown is bigger, each notification has more padding, the profile pictures are bigger,
  • the user menu is now white with blue links.

All these changes have been made to unify the header design with the rest of the changes introduced by the port to BS : the stream page is larger, the buttons are squared with a radius of 4px, etc..


Jonne Haß Fri 20 Mar 2015 12:29PM

@dumitruursu let's wait until the chat proves to be stable before dropping anything because of it.


Pablo Cúbico Fri 20 Mar 2015 4:43PM

@dumitruursu I think the navigation would improve a great deal if we bring consistency across all sections. Right now, they are all different and that makes the UI look jumpy.

I want to develop a single rock solid main layout that will endure across all sections. One idea is to bring the left bar to all sections, so you will always have the top bar, the left sidebar and the main content. So we will end up with a 3 layer hierarchy to play with: top, left, center.

That'll be something I strongly suggest doing BEFORE porting to Bootstrap 3: get the main foundation solid across all sections, using the same layout for all of them. Then begin porting.

We still have to deal with large screen size, but it's quite easy limiting the main container width. I see it as a possible option in the future (a boolean preference on the user side).


[deactivated account] Fri 20 Mar 2015 4:54PM

One idea is to bring the left bar to all sections, so you will always have the top bar, the left sidebar and the main content.

What will be on the left bar for the conversation page or the notification page? The list of conversations or notifications?

We still have to deal with large screen size, but it’s quite easy limiting the main container width.

On my 1080p screen, the design is already a bit large. I'd say the current width for the layout is perfect ;)


Pablo Cúbico Wed 25 Mar 2015 6:28PM

@steffenvanbergerem @jasonrobinson @jhass are we moving on with the HQ post?

I think it's not about really getting each mockup / idea people has, but I'm sure the overall will bring some insights.

Anyway, you know how these things are, maybe we'll get a lot of likes, and comments, and "hey! I'll send a mockup", and then... nothing happens and you get 2 crazy mockups, redefining the whole world. That could happen too.

Let's just throw the ball out there to see what happens.


Jason Robinson Sun 29 Mar 2015 7:10PM

@hola want to do a post draft, me, @goob or @flaburgan can promote it via the social channels?


Flaburgan Tue 31 Mar 2015 7:51AM

Sorry I didn't have time for Loomio, I'm going to try to read what's going on before the end of the week.