November 19th, 2019 13:03

Anyone likes to investigate Consul?

Christophe Cop
Christophe Cop Public Seen by 117

http://consulproject.org/en/ "CONSUL is the most complete citizen participation tool for an open, transparent and democratic government."

It may be something useful. So anyone who wishes to test this/figure out how it works?

Lander Meeusen

Lander Meeusen November 21st, 2019 15:12

It looks very similar to Decidim, developed with support of Barcelona En Comù, which is open source. https://try.decidim.org/ I experimented with that platform with Karen and Yves Bruggeman (PRO) a while ago and I met with the developers in Barcelona.

I'm very interested to help explore this platform, but I'm afraid I won't have a lot of time.

Renaud Van Eeckhout

Renaud Van Eeckhout November 21st, 2019 15:30

Here a comparison Decidim vs. Consul : https://decidim.org/blog/en/2019-01-14-consul-comparison/

Also, our federal government already installed a Decidim instance, here (in French) or here (in Dutch).

Municipalites of Nivelles, Waterloo or Uccle also implemented an instance of Decidim.

Ilja Baert

Ilja Baert December 1st, 2019 17:50

I remember the federal governement one. I made an account. It doesn't look like it's still activally used and I'm not seeing results of the one theme they actually started :(