Ignoring reshares from people you already blocked

CG Christian Giménez Public Seen by 56

I have blocked (or ignored) some people, but I still found their posts because is reshared.

I think we can do nothing if “copy-paste” or some programs are used, but at least not the reshare feature.

I’m not expecting this implemented soon, but I let this in your hands: is it possible that reshared posts from people you are ignoring are ignored as well?


Christian Giménez Fri 21 Feb 2014 6:54PM

Sorry, I didn' t pay attention about the "feature proposal" group, I created this so it is in the right place.



goob Fri 21 Feb 2014 7:02PM

There's an open issue for this: https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/issues/4647


Ryuno-Ki Fri 21 Feb 2014 9:52PM

Good to know!


FÁBIÁN Tamás László Sat 22 Feb 2014 8:50AM

I think this should be an option.

If I ignore somebody it might be because that person shares a lot of stupid stuff, and it annoys me. But sometimes that same person shares some good joke or a cute kitten, and I like that stuff :)

That stuff gets reshared, and I have no problem with it.

The other scenario is that I just can't stand that person, and I want her/him out of my stream.

I think both of these make sense, so this should be an extra option: how "hard" you would like to ignore that person. :)


Jason Robinson Sat 22 Feb 2014 11:58AM

IMHO the whole "ignore" is badly worded. It's actually a badly working block, because you are not just hiding the other persons posts, you are also blocking the other person from seeing yours (AFAIK).

IMHO we should have "block" that works properly (like on Facebook, Twitter, etc) and "hide" to hide posts from the other person. So this way you can stop looking at posts from very vocal people and still share with them. The annoying thing about breaking sharing is that then you cannot even message the person. Which is stupid :P


goob Sat 22 Feb 2014 12:08PM

you are not just hiding the other persons posts, you are also blocking the other person from seeing yours (AFAIK).

My understanding is that ignoring someone only prevents their posts from appearing in your stream. It doesn't prevent reshares of their posts or their comments on other posts from appearing in your stream. Nor does it prevent any of your content from appearing in their stream.

If they had you in one of their aspects, I believe it removes you from that aspect (or, at least, breaks the sharing functionality, even though you still appear in their contacts list for that aspect), so your posts won't appear in their stream unless you use a tag they follow, etc, but that is the limit of 'blocking' from their point of view - it doesn't actually prevent them from seeing your posts.

So it is very much you ignoring them - you're not blocking them from anything. (They could theoretically, I think, remove you from their aspect and add you again, if they realised they were no longer seeing your posts, and things from their end would once again be as they were before you started ignoring them. I tested this recently, and I think I found that was possible, although it currently doesn't work very well because it's a bit buggy - see https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/issues/4757 for a bit more detail on this.)


Jason Robinson Sat 22 Feb 2014 3:22PM

@goob No it does have block like functionality - but it seems it is more buggier than I knew..

The person will still see public posts, but cannot comment on them hehe. So it's a half-block half-hide and totally confusing :)

Just tested by ignoring my podmin account with my personal account, then did a public post which shows to the podmin - but trying to comment it says "Failed to post message" popup :P


Jason Robinson Sat 22 Feb 2014 3:23PM

Explains why I thought persons who I ignore don't see posts since they have not commented on any after I put the block on. This is a huge usability problem, we prob have bug reports about not being able to comment on posts due to someone having blocked that person.


goob Sat 22 Feb 2014 6:38PM

Perhaps now would be a good time to have a discussion about exactly what we think the ignore function should do, and then work on fixing bugs towards that end. If it's agreed that someone who you have ignored shouldn't be able to comment on your posts, then the Comment link should not be visible to them on your posts.

(If we're going to have this discussion, it should be on a separate thread, as this one is about a very specific issue regarding ignored people.)


Christian Giménez Tue 25 Feb 2014 4:04AM

Well, I use the "ignore" button so rarely, and I understood it as "I don't want to see him/her posts anymore".

Ignore is not blocking, I don't want to block these people. I just want their post dissapear from my stream because they're mostly annoying...

@fabiantamaslaszlo I found that if I want to see an ignored person's posts, I just go to his profile. I ignore theirs posts but still can see their profile and what they publish.
Maybe, a better alternatives is two kind of streams:

  • the usual stream setted by default
  • a stream with ignored people included

Instead of having two "ignores" that maybe is a little confusing. I think that two streams is a bit easier to implement and easier to understand.


Ryuno-Ki Tue 25 Feb 2014 8:19PM

Hm, from my time back then on Google+, I remember a three-step-procedure. So when hitting “block user” one could be asked, which meaning of blocked shall be applied.

We'd need an extra list for this …