Wed 8 Nov 2017

Thank you

Paul Stone Public Seen by 349

Paul Stone Wed 8 Nov 2017

Thank you to everyone who has contributed feedback on the dashboard in both this Loomio discussion and in the Open Government Ninja forum (at http://groups.open.org.nz/groups/ninja-talk/messages/topic/6mkmVss0tmdtn3wNoVHy3s/).
It’s fair to say that you have given us much to think about, both in what we present and how we present it. It will therefore take some time to work through a new design, and we’ll seek your feedback on aspects of the design as we go through that process. it’s quite possible that we’ll need to collect new data from agencies before the dashboard is up and running.


David Wed 8 Nov 2017

Thanks Paul. I would be happy to act as a Wellington CBD-based sounding board for concepts as they arise. My contributions would be consumer/user related, rather than technical aspects. Regards, David