Wed 15 Apr 2020

New member gatekeeping procedure

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We have had some expressions of interest emerge organically from our limited visibility on the public internet. A solid process for managing onboarding needs to be developed so that we are introducing people to the group in a way that is comfortable for all.


pospi Mon 18 May 2020

Initial process now documented at https://economikit-alliance.github.io/book/governance-handbook/how-to-join-the-collective/ - I think this is going to serve us well for a while, closing this thread (:


jean m russell
Tue 21 Apr 2020

I dont know them.


pospi started a proposal Wed 15 Apr 2020

We should invite Nicolas Wormser to the next meeting(s) until he stops in to say hi Closed Wed 22 Apr 2020

by pospi Wed 22 Apr 2020

Invite sent!

In lieu of diving in to some of the more in-depth discussions below, and taking into account that we are still a small group and @Carolyn Beer @Sid Sthalekar & myself all know Nicolas, it seems like a good idea to bring him in to our meetings so he can connect with the group that way. I was going to start including him in calendar invites going forward.

This may not work for him if he wants to play a more background role and limit his interaction to textual conversations, but again- for simplicity's sake this seems like a good way to move forward for now. Will loop back if expectations / intentions change.

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Noah Thorp Mon 18 May 2020

I like the reading list idea as long as its short. Generally speaking we may need to start tracking roles / responsibilities. Something similar to the lightweight self -organization constitution I've used before: https://github.com/CoMakery/self-organization-constitution

Welcoming committee / gatekeepers should have a clear understanding of what they are looking for so we're consistent and not just replicating the gatekeepers personal viewpoint/politics. To create some balance when 1 person sponsors/invites any 2 other members could chat with them keeping our collective criteria in mind - if the two other members agree then the invited person is a member and can participate in decision making. Some rotation / randomness of who the 2 members are that chat with the invited member would be healthy.


pospi Wed 15 Apr 2020

This follows on from, or perhaps deepens, the decisions we made collectively RE gatekeeping agreements. A few good questions were raised:

  • How do we decide who to admit and who doesn't fit well with the group?

  • Is knowing them through community some kind of criteria?

  • How engaged do they need to be with the agent centric / Holochain community?

Some reflections to these questions, which I think paint a somewhat clear path of how to proceed but which require some careful deliberation before doing so:

  • "Knowing people through community" and "being engaged with Holochain" sound like criteria which would lead to insular perspectives. Since our primary aim is diversifying thought, this seems counter-productive. But is some common ground necessary? How to balance this?

  • It might be good to have a smaller gatekeeping committee who has the role of meeting newcomers and getting to know them. Also provides a space to respond without breaking the whole-group membrane when there are concerns.

  • A "reading list" of our own material might be advisable. There will be key documents that newcomers will want to align on before deciding if they resonate with us.